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Award Examples

 Communications and Information Award Program 

Award Cat: SNCO 3A0 C&I
Winner: COCOM

AFI 36-2845

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The following Communications and Information Award Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.   I did not change mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)


- Top-notch leader! Expertly managed 7 personnel, 41 command sponsored positions (CSP), & $1M of assets
  -- Assigned/coordinated three members to provide workgroup management support to 50+ Cmd Grp personnel
  -- Skillful management of personnel/resources ensured zero comm downtime during ULCHI FOCUS LENS 06
  -- Orchestrated managed/staffed 40+ trouble tickets; provided HQ staff state-of-the-art info technology support
  -- Converted short-notice CSP in five days for Army NCO; family now command-sponsored/Tricare covered
  -- Premier time manager; reviewed/tracked 70+ performance reports & awards; 100+ Cmd Grp staff packages
- New mission! CDR-directed electronic staffing initiative; researched products, ID'd J6/1 SIG BDE tech POC
  -- Arranged DoD CONUS vendors to demo products to CoS; heralded start of paperless e-staffing in USFK
  -- Setup two outlook email accounts & group PKI certificates for 13 Secretary Combined Joint Staff personnel
  -- Cut staffing time of HQ staff packages in half; reduced man-hours by 25%; streamlined flow of information
- Executed total USFK CDR policy letter review/re-write; drove completion of 40+ policy letters in record time
  -- Provided USFK CDR & CoS daily status; ensured approved postings to USFK website & distro to HQ staff
  -- Streamlined the information delivery process; directly affected over 27,000 servicemembers peninsula-wide
- Joint experience! Chosen to execute cradle-to-grave control of Joint Staff/PACOM taskers tasked to USFK
  -- Screened, suspensed joint/combined staff, & tracked 500+, mission-essential, Higher Headquarters taskers
  -- Impacted peninsula-wide operations; strengthened the 50+ year Republic of Korea (ROK)-US Alliance
- Team pride! Oversaw 20+ ceremonial invitation designs to include ## AF/CC Change of Command ceremony
  -- Collected 2,400+ RSVPs; superb diplomatic interface with 200+ foreign Ambassadors, GOs, & dignitaries
- Battle rhythm foresight! Scheduled maintenance & ran checklists on 10 computers used during contingency ops
  -- 100 percent mission ready for RECEPTION, STAGING, ONWARD MOVEMENT & INTEGRATION 2007
- Managed daily pick up of 150+ Cmd Grp mail; efficiently/securely sorted and disseminated accountable mail
  -- Led four-member staff in the distribution/movement of over 300+ pieces of official/personal correspondence
- Leads by example! Thinks outside the box & always finds innovative & creative ways to improve/enhance unit
  -- Created “Red Epaulet” awd; original NCO insignia of Continental Army; awarded to newly promoted NCOs
  -- Led Physical Fitness (PT) trng; built healthier/stronger team! Set the tone by scoring a 99.50 on Oct PT test

- Promoted joint unit morale! Spearheaded recognition program; devoted hrs to developing leaders & managers
  -- Mentored airmen/soldiers/seamen; taught mgnt/org/writing skills; result: seven servicemembers promoted
  -- Educated mbrs on awards & decorations; six qtrly award packages submitted, won three; earned four medals
- Orchestrated ##AF Command Chief (##AF/CCC) visit to Yongsan Garrison; developed itinerary; coined by CCC
  -- Setup meet and greet with ##AF/CCC & 200+ assigned junior/senior AF personnel to discuss Area II issues
  -- Ten quality of life issues, three "high priority", were addressed to the ##AF/CCC by assigned AF personnel
  -- Resolved the "high priority" quality of life issues; improved AF element morale/fostered trust in leadership
- Educated others! Devoted time & energy to sharing information; developing our future AF managers & leaders
  -- Highly skilled instructor; developed 3A Information Mgmt Master Training Plan & taught a 10-day course
  -- Developed continuity book; covers SCJS day-to-day ops; saved trng hours fostered continuity in 1 yr remote

- Academically ambitious! Jumps at training opportunities; shines in career & excels in professional knowledge
  -- Attended/completed a five-day Network Fundamentals Course; learned installing/troubleshooting networks
- Improving AF life! Active member in AF Booster Club; Enlisted Club, AF Sgts Assoc; Knights of Columbus
- Protocol chair lead for 2nd Annual Air Force Ball; designed AF Ball invite; adopted by DCS MGen Sargeant
-- Invested 30+ days of time/work to promote/setup AF Ball/attendance; unprecedented $10 cost to jr. enlisted


Lets start this with the request of the submitter concerning this package.  They wanted "any comments, good or bad".  Do to this, the package was examined with a little more detail.  First off, this is a really good package.   Second, there are some issues with in it.

  • ROK only used once, should not have added an Acronym for it.
  • CoS and DCS may not be universally understood as "Chief of Staff", and "Deputy Chief of Staff" although very common in Command agencies.  What really highlights this problem was the use of CCC.  The author identified CCC as Command Chief, if this was a joint package then that would have made a lot of sense.  Since this is an AF package,  all or none should have been identified.
  • servicemembers = Service members
  • Ten - VERY Good.
  • Structure shifts of percent/% and ## AF/##AF, although this is very subtle, writers need to pay attention to it.

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