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ABU Wear on Commercial Travel

Source: Open Sources

FYI, new guidance from CSAF on the wear of ABUs, BDUs, and DCUs for AF
personnel.  Each Wing/Installation will most likely have specific guidance for their personnel.

Caution, like all new policy guidance, someone is bound to come up with their own interpretation of this guidance; also I'm sure AF/A1 will follow with an MPFM to give further clarification/guidance. Until then, please brief your people that if they find themselves in a situation where they are wearing these uniforms using commercial travel, that Professional Appearance, Conduct, and Discipline is the order of the day (Don't be relaxed, because the uniform is overly comfortable).

1. In January 2006, AF/CVA signed a policy that stated,” wearing our BDUs and flight suits as our duty uniform every day serves as a constant reminder to us, to those we come in contact with, that our job is to support our wingmen who are on the scene globally, conducting difficult and dangerous missions". Applying similar logic, CSAF recently approved expansion of existing wear policy to allow airmen the discretion to wear airmen battle uniform, battle dress uniform, or desert camouflage uniform (as appropriate) while traveling in an official capacity on commercial travel in CONUS.

2. Members are still authorized and encouraged to wear blues. Civilian clothes are also still authorized for wear while on commercial travel. Commanders have the authority to be more restrictive when conditions warrant. This policy does not extend to other utility uniforms such as the flight suit.

3. Airmen are reminded that professional appearance and discipline are paramount to public opinion and confidence in the world's greatest air force.

4. This policy is effective immediately and will be incorporated in the next iteration of AFI 36-2903, dress and personal appearance of air force personnel.

5. Questions regarding uniform policy should be directed to the AFPC call center (check AFPC website for phone/email information)

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