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Enlisted Stratification Clarification


 1. Recently HQ AF/A1PPP released a message regarding Senior Rater Endorsement Criteria and Stratification on Enlisted Performance Reports (091540Z Aug 06). In terms of stratification, effective with SMSgt EPRs closing out on or after 1 Aug 07 and MSgt EPRs closing out on or after 1 Oct 06, stratification statements will only be used on EPRs for SNCOs who are time-in-grade eligible for senior rater endorsement. Stratification statements on these EPRs may be used by all evaluators endorsing the EPR (immediate rater, additional rater and final evaluator). Stratification statements must be stated in quantitative terms (#1 of 125 MSgts) and will be based on the number of peers (in the same grade as the ratee) assigned within the evaluator’s rating scheme. Effective with the release of the message, stratification statements on all other performance reports, to include CMSgt reports, are strictly prohibited.

2. This implementation guidance provides clarification on appropriate and prohibited comments. Examples of appropriate and inappropriate statements are below:

QUESTION: Can a Squadron Commander say, for TIG MSgt: “My #1 of 10 MSgt”? Can a Group Commander say “My #4 of 45 MSgts”, and can the Wing Commander say “My #6 of 92 MSgts”?
Answer: Yes

QUESTION: Can an AFELM CC state, “My #1 of 7 E-7s assigned”?
Answer: Yes. Evaluators at all levels are encouraged to consider the appropriate use of stratification statements. However, evaluators should consider size of the scope when using stratification statements since stratification statements are not mandatory or expected for all SNCOs.

QUESTION: Can a supervisor who evaluates Active Duty, Reserve and Air National Guard airmen base stratification statements using all components in the comparison?
Answer: Yes, as long as the comparison is against airmen in the same grade.

QUESTION: Can a Wing Commander say, “My #6 of 300 SNCOs on my base”?
Answer: No. Stratification must be based on peers who are in the same grade and within the rating scheme of the rater.

QUESTION: Can Amn – TSgt and CMSgt receive stratification?
Answer: Amn – TSgt and CMSgt reports will not include stratification statements.

QUESTION: Is it prohibited to use statements such as “My Top Airman”, “Best Airman I’ve supervised in my 20 year career”, “Best in the business”?
Answer: Yes, it is prohibited; these are subjective stratification statements.

QUESTION: Can an evaluator state, “My #1 Communications NCO”?
Answer: No. Stratification based on career field or functional community is prohibited.

QUESTION: Can an evaluator state “Top 5 of MSgts”?
Answer: No. Stratification based on percentage is not allowed.

QUESTION: Are bullet lead offs, such as “Superb performer”, “Outstanding leader”, etc. still appropriate to use?
Answer: Yes

QUESTION: Can statements such as “Expert senior EMT; the # 1 choice for instructing new AS personnel; 5 technicians fully trained in minimal time” be used?
Answer: No, these are prohibited inferred stratification statements. Instead, evaluators should focus on the impact/accomplishment.

QUESTION: Are statements such as “Top-tier controller; directed delivery of 11M gallons of fuel in support of 6 AMW/2 COCOMs/50 tenant units” acceptable?
Answer: "Top Tier Controller" is an implied stratification statement and is prohibited.

STATEMENT: “My best safety NCO; superbly implemented WG’s safety programs for 11K personnel—safety pervasive base wide”
Answer: Prohibited stratification statement.

STATEMENT: “No other E-5 has such responsibility or shown such ability to multi-task with such success; a must promote!”
Answer: The comment is prohibited. The evaluator cannot rate outside of their scope of responsibility.

STATEMENT: “Exceptional NCO/instructor—excelled above her peers with professionalism and unmatched technical expertise”
Answer: Statement is acceptable.

STATEMENT: “Amazing SNCO! One class short of his CCAF degree--SR endorsement next time … SMSgt a must!”
Answer: Not allowed; completion of CCAF and SNCOA does not automatically result in senior rater endorsement.

STATEMENT: “My “go-to” airman … has the answers before the question is asked”
Answer: Prohibited stratification statement; “go-to” airman implies #1. Evaluators should focus on the accomplishment and impact to the mission.

STATEMENT: “Absolute pinnacle of an airman!”
Answer: Prohibited statement; “pinnacle” implies top or #1.

3. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HQ AFPC/DPPPEP at DSN 665-2433

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