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Fitness & Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) Attendance


There has been some questions about Air Force Fitness Testing being sprung on them prior to going to Professional Military Education.  The message below came from the Chief, Air Force Enlisted Developmental Education 8T000 Enlisted PME (EPME) Career Field Manager HAF/A1DLE. Pentagon.

Airmen have been arriving at the EPME schools without meeting the fitness prerequisites to attend. More specifically, their fitness test was either (1) not current per AFI 36-2905, Fitness Program; (2) expired during the course; or, (3) had a non-passing score. All of these circumstances do not meet PME attendance requirements.

BLUF: Effective 1 Jan 2011, enlisted Airmen that arrive at EPME schools without meeting the fitness (or other) attendance requirements will be returned to their unit.

Per AFI 36-2301, Developmental Education (16 Jul 2010), Table 8. EPME Resident School Eligibility Criteria, note 1: "Enlisted Airmen must have a passing AF Fitness Test current through course completion to attend resident EPME.

(Exceptions: members medically exempt, deployed and unable to complete a fitness test prior to attendance as approved by the commandant of the school they will attend)." Please note, these exceptions are very unique circumstances and should be an absolute minimum.

Although AFI 36-2905, Fitness Program states that it is the member's responsibility to ensure he or she has a current fitness test, per the attached message, units are responsible for validating the currency and passing status for their members departing TDY to attend Developmental Education (DE). Additionally, all DE students will provide a copy of their current passing fitness test to the school staff upon their arrival.

NOTE: If a member does not meet requirements to attend EPME due to failing fitness test score a WG/CC deferment letter is NOT needed since the member does not meet requirements for EPME attendance. Follow the instructions in the attached PME Deferment Checklist from AFPC (formal training offices should be using).

According to the AFPC Delta Team (EPME scheduling): "PT failures are processed as an ineligible factor not an actual deferment. The formal training office will verify the members eligibility. If the member does not meet the PT requirements they will then send an e-mail notification with the members name, and SSN. They must also include the recorded copy of the members failing PT score printout. This is all completed without a deferment letter. Also, formal training offices should choose wisely when they actually defer members for a failing or noncurrent PT test because members have the option to retest again at any time."

Please ensure widest dissemination of this email (and attachments) to wing command chiefs, unit commanders, first sergeants, formal training offices, and enlisted personnel to ensure that everyone is aware of the current policy, rules, and procedures and they can ensure enlisted Airmen comply with the fitness requirements BEFORE departing for EPME. The SNCOA and NCOAs do not have the capability to conduct Fitness testing on-site and students who do not meet fitness requirements will be sent back to their units.

Than you in advance for your leadership and engagement on this issue.

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