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How to Retrieve a DVR from Virtual MPF

Author: AFPC’s Website
Source: DVR doc

For promotion purposes, members need to obtain and verify information on their DVR. Below are instructions you should know!  How to retrieve your DVR from vMPF: 

Go to AFPC’s homepage at , Click on Virtual MPF (upper right corner), Secure Self-Service, then Next Page, Type in USERID and password Click on Secure Login, then vMPF Verify your email, phone, the click on I have verified my email and phone, Click on Self-Service Actions, Promotions, then Enlisted Promotion Information and Click on Enlisted Data Verification Record (DVR).  You should now be able to view your DVR and verify all your information for promotion consideration is correct.

Excerpt from CMSgt/SMSgt Promotion Program Fact Sheet

 All eligibles are required to obtain/review their DVRs on the Virtual MPF (vMPF) using the instructions posted on the Enlisted Promotions website, (OR SEE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE).  Hardcopies will not be distributed by MPF/CSS personnel.  If your DVR is not available on the vMPF, contact your MPF Promotions Section immediately.  DVRs for cycle 06E9 are currently available on vMPF.  DVRs for cycle 07E8 should be available o/a 30 September 2006.  This is the most important tool provided for your use in ensuring the information on your promotion file is complete and accurate.  The DVR displays information, some of which is included on the Senior NCO Evaluation Brief reviewed by the board.  Along with reviewing the DVR, you should review your Senior NCO Selection Folder kept by AFPC to ensure data is correct and all appropriate documents are filed accordingly.  Use Attachment 3, Instruction Sheet, for Review of Data Verification Record (DVR), and notify the appropriate MPF workcenter of any errors.  Contact the HQ AFPC Records Review Section at DSN 665-2998, or by e-mail at to verify the content of your Senior NCO Selection Folder, including receipt of new documents (i.e., EPRs, decoration citations, etc.).  We strongly recommend you request a copy of your Senior NCO Selection Folder.  You may request one “As Is” copy to verify content prior to board consideration and one “As Met” copy from AFPC/PB per consecutive 12 month period.  In order to receive an “As Met” copy of your SNCO Selection Folder your record must have met the Central Evaluation Board.  “As Met” copies cannot be requested until after promotion results have been released.  Record requests can take 45 days from receipt by AFPC/PB to process.  In all cases, your record will be electronically sent to you unless exempted by AFPC/PB.  Exceptions must be requested in the original record request and approval is at the discretion of AFPC/PB.  In order to comply with Privacy Act Program, SNCO Selection Folders will only be sent to authorized military email accounts.  Email requests must be sent with Combined Access Card (CAC) verification from an official military email account.  Requests via fax or letter format must include grade, full name, SSAN, and Privacy Act statement. 

Mail/FAX SNCO Selection Folder requests to: 

550 C Street West, Suite 5
Randolph AFB TX 78150-4707
Fax:  DSN 665-2693; Commercial:  (210) 565-2693

Senior NCO Evaluation Briefs are printed and filed in selection folders approximately 10 days before the central board convenes.  Ensure all updates to your record concerning changes to academic education levels, PME, duty information, etc., are corrected through your commander support staff, MPF, or base education office.  Personnel being considered for promotion to CMSgt compete for promotion in the Chief Enlisted Manager (CEM) code of the CAFSC they held as of the PECD.  Personnel being considered for promotion to SMSgt compete for promotion in the superintendent level of the CAFSC they held as of the PECD. 

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