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Supervisor Tools

Simple Tools to make life easier for the Supervisors

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Military Reading Lists

Guides to Follow in the Foot Steps of Giants 

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff's Professional Reading List
Air Force Chief of Staff's Professional Reading List


Most of these files will require MS Software
Leadership/Mentorship Tools
3 Level Rules - New Amn A great tool for supervisors to provide new airmen as a starting list of "rules".
10 Helpful Tips For Long, Successful Air Force Career If you only have 1 min, spend it reading this excellent article wrote by LtCol Mike Cannon. 
A Guide for the Air Force Officer and DoD Civilian Enlisted Leader
Setting up a DOD Common Access Card Reader (Active Gold) on the Macintosh OS X Operating System Got a MAC?  Here is how to get your CAC reader (active gold) to work with it.
Airman Must Know Dates All of the common dates Airman need to KNOW!  Very good page.
Airman BTZ Promotion Calculator Quickly find out the Below the Zone (BTZ) dates of either 4 year or 6 year enlistees
AF Bullet Database Enlisted Performance Reports (EPR), Officer Performance Reports (OPR) and Award (AF1206) bullets -- User contributed
Budget Calculator -- UPDATED
A person may add, delete or rename cells as they wish.  Those cells need to remain unprotected so a person can build a customized budget plan for themselves.  Formulas can not be edited.
This great program was created by Eloy M. Rodriguez
Bullet Tracker Simple Access DB to track your bullets.  Originally designed by

Bullet Tracker and Calc - New EPR  version

Bullet tracker for the new EPR (AF910 & AF911) (xls)
Career Job Reservation (CJR) Program Calculator Name says it all.  (300k XLS)
# Days of Supervision *external link Great site to utilize when determining the "number of days" of supervision for EPR/OPRs (thank you AML)
EPR OPR Supervisor Calculator  

The Executive Officer Guide

A good guide for an officers exec, or anyone working directly for an Executive Officer.
Feedback Calculator Determine Mid-tour and Follow-up feedback dates
Finance Calculator; DeploymentYellow New Newly updated for 2011. This is a very good tool. If you are down range, will be going down range, or have an Airman downrange, take a couple of moments and check it out. It will be worth your time to look at this. (3M excel)

Created by: Joe
Source Site

 gMinder is a reminder program that counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to each event that you list. Keep it open on your desktop or hide it in the Windows Task Bar Tray Windw. gMinder pops up once a day letting you know which event is coming up next. Perfect for counting down to birthdays, holidays, promotions, ends of tour, etc
IMT Viewer Updated version of IMT viewer 6.5.  PDF Guide
Lotus Forms Replaced IMT Viewer.  63 Mb Zip
For the General Public Use: This ZIP file contains only the Lotus 3.5.1 Fixpack 1 software installer for individual installation.

1. Download the updated Lotus Forms fix pack 1 ( or from 
2. Uninstall Pure Edge 6.x from all Windows client systems.
3. Use attached sample script of alternative solution to upgrade to Lotus Forms Viewer fix pack 1 as follows:
a. Uninstall any Lotus Forms Viewer versions prior to fix pack 1 from all Windows client systems
b. Install Lotus Forms Viewer fix pack 1 with Digital Signature Support on all Windows client systems.
4. Note: WinPEX client systems are affected by this Lotus upgrade. WinPEX client systems should be avoided while the PEX program office works corrective steps.
5. Additional release information is available at the IBM Website for Lotus Forms Viewer, the Fix List for the release is available at:
Memory Jogger - PFW - Junior EnlistedYellow New AF931 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Memory Jogger - PFW - NCOYellow New AF931 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Memory Jogger PFW - SNCOYellow New AF932 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Memory Joggers for Supervisor (AB-TSgt PFW) Old Form
Memory Joggers for Individual (AB-TSgt PFW) Old Form
Memory Joggers for Supervisor (SNCO PFW) Old Form - Good info though
Moving Off-Base; Are you prepared

In my opinion this is for supervisors to give to their Airmen.  It has been borrowed from a Family Support Center.

Moving Off-Base; Are you prepared Budget Sheet See above
PT Calculator Updated PT Calc for the CY 2010 AFI 10-240.  500K XLS
PowerPoint Tutorial with screenshots from Microsoft 2000 Very good site, take a look it will help you be a PowerPoint jockey.
Promotion Calculator (2003 TSgt/MSgt Scores)  

Reprimands and Admonitions Handbook (30SW)

2003 July (132K Doc)
 SO, NO ONE'S SAT DOWN WITH YOU TO TALK ABOUT YOUR AIR FORCE CAREER? - A Mentoring Guide Although a little dated (10 years) the information is still relevant.  The Author was CMSgt. Stephen Toepfer whom has retired.  Regardless of your rank or career path (enlisted or officer), this is worth your time.
SURF; How to Read Good document to use in deciphering a SURF.
Taking Care of Your People: A Supervisor's Guide Great Read for any supervisor.  Especially sound for new sups.  The doc consolidates much of the information you’re responsible for providing your troops into one easy-to-read document.   
TrueCrypt Original Website Great program to protect USB devices.  If the link to the left doesn't work you can download it from the site here.  Version, TrueCrypt 6.0a

CNet has a step by step how to video on how to use it as well...  Link Here


Created by: Joe
Source Site

An old favorite, updated 12/2005. An easy to use WAPS calculator that computes TIS, TIG, and EPR points for the Air Force WAPS enlisted promotion system. Allows you to easily play "What if...?" to see what you need to score to make a particular cutoff.

Created by: Joe
Source Site

 SNCOCalc is used to compute TIS, TIG, and EPR points for the Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Promotion Program for members competing for the ranks of Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant. Allows you to easily play "What if...?" to see what you need to score to make a particular cutoff.  Updated 12-2005.
2009 WAPS Calculator


The Best Promotion calculator I have seen to date.  Find out more information or latest updates at WAPSCALC.  Uses Excel Vista (2M)

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