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Key Points to Writing
  • Remember, there the purpose for the letter.
  • Use the right words, utilize a resource like Merriam-Webster Online.
  • Use a spell checker (F7 Word) and avoid common misspellings
  • Watch Tense Shifts, going from "s" to "ed"
  • Keep the text simple
  • Avoid acronyms and jargon, the people reading the letter are not familiar with it.


The following Example was taken from a Word document.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know as each letter has taken a considerable amount of time to prepare.

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SUBJECT: SSgt ?? – Letter of Recommendation

1. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend SSgt ?? for a commission in the USAF. Pin Second Lieutenant bars on this star performer and send her back to Ramstein to work in my wing!

2. SSgt ??’s list of accomplishments is highly impressive. She is a Below-the-Zone promotee and multi-time winner of quarterly awards. Her performance has been consistently rewarded at every duty assignment, from Sheppard AFB technical training to Kunsan AB, ROK to Ramstein. Her enlisted performance has been impeccable. She played a major role in WRM preparation for OIF and OEF deployments, and even deployed to the Republic of Georgia 2003 for MEDCEUR 2003. SSgt ?? led the medical equipment inspection team enabling a 150-bed expansion of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for wounded OIF warriors. The O-6 Team Chief lauded her leadership skills, prowess and tenacity performing this critical wartime mission.

3. ?? is a rock solid NCO and involved citizen...she’ll make an even better officer. She has consistently been involved in charitable causes, Base Honor Guard and unit/wing events ranging from Madam Vice at an Enlisted Dining Out to serving as the Squadron Guideon for a POTUS call. Her track record speaks for itself. SSgt ?? is a fine American worthy of gold bars!

4. SSgt ?? has expressed interest in leading contracting and financial troops into the future. Her background in medical logistics and business-focused education naturally lean toward these career tracks. Select her for a commission this board and then assign her top choice AFSC. I would be thrilled to have Second Lieutenant Dismute play a leadership role under my wing.


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Letter Added: 28 April 2006

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