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Key Points to Writing
  • Remember, there the purpose for the letter.
  • Use the right words, utilize a resource like Merriam-Webster Online.
  • Use a spell checker (F7 Word) and avoid common misspellings
  • Watch Tense Shifts, going from "s" to "ed"
  • Keep the text simple
  • Avoid acronyms and jargon, the people reading the letter are not familiar with it.


The following Example was taken from a Word document.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know as each letter has taken a considerable amount of time to prepare.

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To Whom It May Concern:

[First Last Name] has worked for me as a computer operator since July 1986. He accomplished every task assigned in an outstanding manner. Because of his superior intelligence and drive to learn, [First Name] was selected as the first Data Base Manager on the Sperry 1100/60 system at [Name] Air Force Base.

One of [First Name]'s greatest attributes is his ability to accept any challenge and stick with it until it’s completed in an outstanding manner. One example of this was his management of all small computers for [Name] Air Force Base. He personally commanded all acquisitions, distribution, and installation of the small computers along with providing required training. [First Name]'s support allowed the customers' small computers to run efficiently and effectively.

[First Name] works well with people. He conveys his vast experience and knowledge of computer systems to supervisors, peers, and fellow workers, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and performance. His diplomatic method of training allows co-workers to easily accept and understand the principle being presented and apply it. [First Name] has also spent voluntary time helping students at [Name] Middle School on Career Day to learn more about computers.

[First M. Last Name]
Computer Operations Shift Supervisor
Phone (###) ###-####


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Letter Added: 24 April 2006

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