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Senior Noncommissioned Officer Files

 The assortment of links here are from throughout the site with a focus on SNCOs. 

Airman Files NCO Files Senior NCO Files Assignment Info

IMT Quick Links

AF 1206 AF 910 AF 931 AF 911 AF 932

Leadership Guides/Theory

Hot New Information10 Helpful Tips For Long, Successful Air Force CareerHot New Information If you only have 1 min, spend it reading this excellent article wrote by LtCol Mike Cannon. 
Professional Development Guide (PDG)Hot New Information Links to the PDG (AFPAM 36-2241) promotion study guide and MP3s
How to Win Friends and Influence People Information taken from Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. I would have loved to find this book when I started my career.
A Guide for the Air Force Officer and DoD Civilian Enlisted Leader Simple guide reviewing enlisted promotions, performance reports, educational opportunities, and training requirements. Great Guide for Government Civilians who supervise enlisted personal. (HTML Format)
The Executive Officer Guide A good guide for an officers exec, or anyone working directly for an Executive Officer.
 SO, NO ONE'S SAT DOWN WITH YOU TO TALK ABOUT YOUR AIR FORCE CAREER? - A Mentoring Guide One of the best Air Force Mentoring guides I have seen.  The Chief tells you the way it is, and to you can choose to be successful.
Pareto's Principle The 80/20 rule discussing the Trivial Many vs the Vital Few!
Taking Care of Your People: A Supervisor's Guide Great Read for any supervisor.  Especially sound for new sups.  The doc consolidates much of the information you’re responsible for providing your troops into one easy-to-read document.   
Supervisor Career Counseling Guide Title says it all (141K Doc)
Airman's Handbook VERY GOOD (Unofficial Guide) to What Every Airman Should Know To Be Successful In His Or Her Air Force!

18 Lessons in Leadership

Strong words of wisdom from the former CJCS.  Originally titled "Gen (Ret.) Collin Powell's 18 Lessons in Leadership"

What to do when you meet a board Good information in preparing to meet a board.
50 Questions Every Airman Can Answer Good document answering 50 questions Airman have either thought of or sought out. (1.1M PDF)
50 More Questions Every Airman Can Answer Post 9-11 Questions and Answer Guide.  VERY, very good document.
Wrote by: Major “Fritz” , USAF (81K PDF)

Supervisor Items

# Days of Supervision *external link Great site to utilize when determining the "number of days" of supervision for EPR/OPRs
AF Bullet Database Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) and Award (1206) bullets

Bullet Tracker and Calc - New EPR  version

Bullet tracker for the new EPR (AF910 & AF911) (xls)
EPR OPR Supervisor Calculator  
Feedback Example - Junior Enlisted AF931 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Feedback Example - NCO AF931 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Feedback Example - SNCO AF932 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Finance Calculator; DeploymentYellow New This is a very good tool. If you are down range, will be going down range, or have an Airman downrange, take a couple of moments and check it out. It will be worth your time to look at this. (2M excel)
Fitness Calculator v.04e AF Fitness Calculator (Submitted by MH)
Memory Joggers for Supervisor (AB-TSgt PFW)  
Memory Joggers for Individual (AB-TSgt PFW)  
Memory Joggers for Supervisor (SNCO PFW)  
Moving Off-Base; Are you prepared

In my opinion this is for supervisors to give to their Airmen.  It has been borrowed from a Family Support Center.

Moving Off-Base; Are you prepared Budget Sheet See above
Guidance on Fitness Assessment and EPRs and OPRs Additional Guidance from Nov 05.  Talks about the grey line...

Referral (EPR/OPR) Report - Fact Sheet

Good quick reference about Referral EPRs or OPRs.  Information derived from AFI 36-2406.

SNCO Files

Board Evaluations

2000 to 2005 SNCO Board Evaluation Notes
Deployment And Assignment History On SNCO Evaluation Briefs Official release concerning TDY time as a discriminator for E8/E9 promotion. Plus an additional comment concerning it

DVR Retrieval From Virtual MPF

Step by Step guide on retrieving your DVR, with a special focus for SNCOs.

Prohibition of Personal Observations by SNCO Board Members

Official Message stopping SNCO board members from commenting on the process and what worked and did not work.

SNCO Self Assessment for Promotion

A little dated, but a valid tool to help determine where your weak spots are at.
Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) EPR comments Guidance allowing the Completion of Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) in EPRs

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