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AFMentor 2009 Timeline

It is always good to remember where you have been!


8 Nov, please bear with the delay in receiving replies or bad email address errors.  Have just PCSd to a remote assignment and am now in the process of getting things (computer connections).

10 Oct, added an older submission from CMF.  Check out the 2008 AMC 3A C&I of the year.  Find it in, Award Examples.

6 Oct, added information regarding the ABU Sage Green Fleece.  Find it in Good To Know - Uniform Information.

2 Oct, added information regarding Permissive PSC Policy being discontinued.  Find it in Good To Know - Assignment Info.  Additionally added information regarding American Bar Association's Military Pro Bono Project to the Military Law Page along with the link to Military Commander and the Law (2008).

23 Sep, recently received a new PT Calculator wrote by TSgt Lane incorporating the CY 2010 PT charts.  You can find it under Supervisor Tools.  Additionally, added a page regarding information on how to pull AF Court Martial information from the TJAG's public site.

16 Sep, thank you to all of you (there have been many) that have identified the errors with Chapters 15, 18, and 19  second MP3's.  The link has been fixed.

12 Sep, sorry about the PDG MP3s not being available, especially to the E9 testers.  The page has been reposted!

7 Sep, added the last 10 chapters of the PDG in audio format to 2009 Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s.

6 Sep, added the second 5 chapters of the PDG in audio format to 2009 Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s.  More coming in the next day or so.

3 Sep, added the first 5 chapter of the PDG in audio format to 2009 Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s.  More coming shortly.

1 Sep, added Flight Uniform: ABU Wear of Outer Garments, Flight Uniform: Sleeve Guidance and 98TH AIR FORCE UNIFORM BOARD (AFUB) RESULTS to Good to Know, Uniform Information.

28 Aug, in the ever flux of change.  I have added Setting up a DOD Common Access Card Reader on the Macintosh OS X Operating System.  In doing this research, I have also located the elusive and files needed to make it work.  The instructions can also be found under Supervisor Tools.

27 Aug,  I think I found the problem preventing the site from posting updates.  To think that missing a space can cause such a problem.

24 Aug, added two additional letters, No-Contact Order; Easing of and a corrective action letter involving Article 92-Derelection of Duty, Bad Wingman.

Contributor Awards for 2008 - also fixed a couple of errors. 

Most in 08

DF - 5

Most in 08 4th Quarter 08
demo - 147 Accepted Bullets - $25 Amzn GC John.garcia - 80 accepted - $25 Amzn GC
COOP1167 - 120 Accepted Bullets - $15 Amzn GC Ephazi - 44 Accepted - $10 Amzn GC
Axl1826 - 109 Accepted Bullets - $10 Amzn GC CAD & spikeriley - 22 Accepted

20 Jul, the deployment is over but the site will be behind for the next month due to transitions.  For all of the AD personnel I hope you understand.  please still continue to submit information to be posted.

31 May, added an interesting PPT submission regarding Air Force Reserve Command Casualty Reporting to Good to Know - Training Slides.  Also finally put the DoD Issues New GI Bill Family Transfer Rules in the Good to Know page.

30 May, fixed the news feed, changed the RSS feed location.  Added AFPAM 34-1202, Guide to Protocol to the AF Pubs quick reference page, as some of you might find it useful.

17 May, added Commissioned Officer Oath Of Office to the Ceremony page under Reenlistments; and  Air Force Hymn -- Air Force Song to the Miscellaneous section of the Ceremony page.  Finally added Cleansing Statement and Information to the Military Law page.

12 May, added a bunch of Jodies to Good to Know.  Mainly because when ever I am trying to find some I never can, also because I have no idea really were to put them.  if you have one to submit, please do.

28 Apr, added Oath Of Enlistment to the Ceremony page under Reenlistments.  Added 9 AF / AFCENT PROMOTION RECOMMENDATION FORM (PRF) Guide to AFWriting - Writing Guides (thanks again CAD).  See the list of contributors.

27 Apr, added Decorations Guide (379 AEW '08) to AFWriting - Writing Guides (thanks CAD).

21 Apr, added the updated 2009 PDG to the Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s Page.  You can also find a link to AFPAM36-2241_INTERIM in the AF Publications Page.

9 Apr, added Denial of Air Force Good Conduct Medal (AFGCM) to AFWriting - Letter Factory.  Also added  KOREA Tour Lengths Update to Good To Know.  Finally added a 1 Q 2009 SrA Below the Zone (BTZ) winning example - 2E231/Network Infrastructure Technician submitted by RAT to AFWriting - Promotions - BTZ

6 Apr, added Guidance allowing the Completion of Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) in EPRs to Good To Know - SNCO Information and AFWriting - EPR/OPR. Also added Article 31 - Member Rights (USAF Edition) to Military Law.

21 Mar, added 8 new decoration citation examples for the Silver Star Medal which were submitted by CAD.  You can find them on - Decoration Examples - Silver Star.  Additionally, in my strive to catch up the back log, the 2010 proposed Military Pay Chart has been posted under Quick Links and Good to Know.

17 Mar, here is status of the site.  I have been trying to get an email relay to work from my location so I can respond to the number of email request I have been getting.  unfortunately, it appears that AF Email servers are blocking the messages because they are going through a relay.  Additionally, getting enough bandwidth to make a solid update to the site is also extremely difficult to do, so I am attempting to update this via page by page to keep some sort of currency of it.  So, while I am working on all of that and fighting the "war", I am finding the site to be a nice distraction/stress reliever from the day to day grind.  I recently received a PPT regarding GTC Card Training (you can find it in Supervisor Tools - Training Slides), granted this ought to be old news, I found it very useful for supervisors to bring to their Airman.  feel free to change the wing symbols and add your information.  Hey you might even be able to make a bullet out of it.

11 Mar, unless you have been living under a rock CMSAF Airey Passes ought not be news.  Just in case you have been at a FOB or some other hole, this is well worth the 1.5 minutes of your life (especially if you are enlisted).

10 Mar, in case you hadn't heard AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, has been updated.  There are a couple of subtle changes in the words, but significant responsibility changes.

8 Mar, added a 2008 Winning NAF CGO of the year package to AFWriting - Office Award Examples.  Thank you JS.  Also added the 12 Feb 09 AF Form 77, Letter of Evaluation, to Air Force Forms and on

7 Mar, finally have got a second from my deployment to work a page.  Added information regarding the Reinstatement of Air Force Good Conduct Medal to Good To Know - Decoration Information.

Don't forget 5 Mar 09E8 results are released.

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