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AFMentor 2005 Timeline

It is always good to remember where you have been!

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31 Dec, added 181 Day TDY Short-Tour Credit FAQ to Good to Know - FAQs.  Also added Guidance on Fitness Assessment and EPRs and OPRs to both Good To Know and AF Writing.  Also added yet another new section to Letter Factory, Appointment Letters, and the first letter, ADPE Custodian.  Finally added two guides to AF Writing Guides, Secretary of the Air Force EPR/OPR/PRF Writing Guide and EPR/OPR/PRF Guide (ACC).

30 Dec, have been working on some site cosmetics, and updating

29 Dec, added Word Errors: Accept/Except & Affect/Effect to Air Force Writing.

28 Dec, added three skill level waivers to Letter Factory - Memorandums (thank Bruce).   I have also added three award examples, one NCO of the Quarter 2003 and two SNCO of the Quarter 2003, to AF Writing Award Examples.  Finally added an entire Joint Service Commendation Package, Letter of Recommendation, Narrative, and Citation.

26 Dec, added Reduction in Grade (AFR) to Letter Factory - Disciplinary and Reinstate Driving Privileges to Letter Factory - Misc.  Finally added an AFAM citation for Outstanding Achievement to Decoration Examples.

25 Dec, Merry Christmas to everyone.  Sorry the site was down yesterday, I ran into a publishing error but all is fixed now.  I have also received a couple of feedbacks, right now there is a user looking for, "desert storm video choreographed to Metallica's Enter Sandman".  Finally, the comment form has been fixed.  Again, sorry for missing an previous comments.

16 Dec, while working on the site, I ran across a problem with the comment page.  Apparently I configured the comment mailer wrong because I haven't received an email, yet there are about 30 comments saved on the server.  I am looking into it, but will probably not have it fixed until next week.   Also, as you may have noticed there are a number of awards do and coming do in the next couple of weeks, time to get cracking on them if you haven't already.  Finally, If there is an award you would like to share for others to learn from please Submit it.

14 Dec, started the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Professional Reading List, each book is directly linked to Amazon so you can do one click purchases.  Find it in Supervisor Tools or linked above..

6 Dec, added Prohibition of Personal Observations by SNCO Board Members to Good To Know and SNCO Evaluation Boards.

5 Dec, it was pointed out to me that I had the wrong percentage on '06 Pay Chart.  The correct across the board raise was 3.1% not the 3.5% I initially reported.  Sorry about confusion and thanks FT for bringing it to my attention.  Also added Don't Close Your Blinds and A Different Christmas Poem to Information - Something to Think About. on

30 Nov, finished the Airman's Manual Practice Tests in  Practice Exam Section.  Added two Section 4 – Fight and two Section 5 – Survive tests. 

29 Nov,  added Section 3 – Employment and Section 3 – Employment (Test 2), the 3rd test set to Airman's Manual Practice Tests in  Practice Exam Section.  Also added Intent to Marry - Add to Base Housing Waiting List to Letter Factory.

28 Nov, added the Official AF Flag Folding Script and updated AF PT Uniform Guidance to Good to Know.  After all of the religious wrangling, AF has released the script that is acceptable to use during official military functions (ie retirements).  Also added interim 2005 guidance on Air Force Communications and Information Annual awards and Air Force Darryl G. Winters Award to Air Force Writing Guides and Examples.

23 Nov, added If I Die Before You Wake (2M PPS) to Multi-Media Slide Shows-Tributes on  This is a very, very good presentation and fits the Thanksgiving Season.

20 Nov, it was pointed out that the 1206 I had online was out dated.  It has been updated to AF1206 V3.  just in time for the award writing season!  (thanks Capt s)  I also added Section 2 – Deploy and Section 2 – Deploy (Test 2) (2nd tests to Airman's Manual Practice Tests) to Practice Exam Section.

15 Nov, added 2 Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM) citations for Outstanding Achievement to Writing - Decorations.  Also, yearly awards are coming up.  Sign up for the monthly Newsletter to get writing hints.  Finally added a Practice Exam Section.  Right now, I have started to added Airman's Manual Practice TestsSection 1 – Staying Ready has been added.

8 Nov, currently working on getting the new CSAF reading list on line.  Added two AFCM examples to Writing - Decorations.  I also added Late Decoration Letter to both Writing - Decorations and Letter Factory.  Finally, good info about CMSgt Results:

A total of 2,580 senior master sergeants were considered for a 22.83 percent selection rate. Last year's selection rate was 21.06 percent.

The average score for those selected was 659.42, with an average time in grade and time in service of 3.34 and 22.63 years respectively. The average score was based on the following point averages:

-- 135 for enlisted performance reports; 

-- 27.06 for time in grade; 

-- 23.39 for time in service; 

-- 24.16 for decorations; 

-- 62.09 for the Air Force supervisory examination; 

-- 387.72 for the evaluation board score.

4 Nov, updated the Decoration Examples.  I will be adding two new decoration citations in the next couple of days.

2 Nov, was notified the 1st Shirt Slides were not working.  It has been fixed.  Sorry for any problems this may have caused.

30 Oct, Amn and SNCO AFR packages won at the wing level.  Check them out in Writing Examples.

28 Oct, added Clarification on recording Fitness (FIT) program assessments in EPR/OPR  and PME comments in EPRS to Writing Writing Guides - EPR/OPR and Good to Know.

25 Oct, added an AMC Writing Guide to Writing Guides.  it has some very good examples and guidance.  Also added Effective EPR Writing to both Writing Guides and Supervisor Tools - Training Slides.  Absolutely AWESOME.  It is a large file but definitely worth the time to read.

21 Oct, added Free Annual Credit Report link to Finance - Its Your Money.  Thank You Buddy for sending it in.

20 Oct, corrected the links below.  I also removed AIRMAN LEADERSHIP SCHOOL (ALS) Military Writing (Jan 04) from Air Force Writing Guides.  I was notified that it was against AFI to have it posted.  Once the new material is released I will repost it.

19 Oct, added winning Mid Tier Enlisted (NCO) Quarterly Award example and a 2005 Installation Excellence Award to Air Force Award Examples.

18 Oct, added Team Hill OPRs/EPRs/PRFs/Decs and EPR Guide (45th Space Wing) to Air Force Writing Guides.  Team Hill guide looks to be a pretty good PDF file and very current (Mar 05).  The 45th Space Wing has good information about EPRs, Referral EPRs, and Letters of Evaluation (LOE).  Also added Superior Personal Performance to AF Writing Guides.  Check it out there are over 400 bullet phrases and 100 or so words.

16 Oct, added 2nd Bomb Wing Decorations Guide (Nov 02) to Writing Guides. fixing some more page layouts in Award Examples.  Plus I fixed up Letter Factory so it matches the rest of the site.

15 Oct, fixed the remaining links in the Writing Guide page. 

14 Oct, added another CY05 SMSgt Board View point to SNCO Evaluation Boards.  I have also added 50 More Questions Every Airman Can Answer which is the continuation of 50 Questions Every Airman Can Answer.  Both documents are very informative and can be found in Good To Know.

13 Oct, added CY05 SMSgt Board Notes to SNCO Evaluation Boards.  I also added mentoring moments.  The two items there are useful to anyone.  Having a basic knowledge of First Sergeant Duties/Training can help any NCO.  The SNCO Eval Board notes are priceless when you start to think about what you have to do now to make E8 or E9. The key point remains the boards look at the last 10 years worth of EPRs.  Meaning the EPRs you receive as a SSgt (possibly SrA) may have influence later in your career.

10 Oct, added CY03 SMSgt and Chief board view points and the CY04 Chief board.  I have more CY04 and two CY05 on deck, plus the accompanying PowerPoint presentations..  Find them in Good To Know under SNCO Evaluation Boards.

8 Oct, added three quarterly award packages to Writing Examples.  Enjoy.

7 Oct, ran into a huge problem with the bullet data base.  Apparently, this server doesn't not support asp pages.  Basically, now I need to figure out how to get my database imported into a mySQL structure.

5 Oct, still working on converting the Award examples from to AFMentor.  I have also added Dual Citizenship Issues to Good To Know.

30 Sept, Fixing links in Good to Know.

26 Sept, fixing the buttons so that the labels display.  

The site came online 26 September 2005.  Its purpose was to separate Air Force Information from  this allowed the ability to keep the site from being blocked by a number of "barrier reefs".  To the best of the ability of AFMentor team, there should not be anything questionable on here.  Only information the AF Supervisor, or some one supervising AF personnel may need.

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