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AFMentor 2007 Historical Timeline

It is always good to remember where you have been!

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29 Dec, added two more SrA Below the Zone (BTZ) winning examples to the Promotion Section on which completed all of the submissions from BED.  BED is leading the quarterly awards drive with 7 submissions and CAD is leading the annual drive with 16 submissions.  check out Contributors to the Cause for more details and the list of individuals.  Any way, a 2006 4N051 BTZ winning example and 2006 2A632 BTZ winning example can be found, detailed as example 8 and 9.  Finally, the last award package submitted by CAD, 2005 Airman of the Quarter, 2nd Quarter for a 3S031/Customer Service Technician has been added to - Award Examples

28 Dec, added two SrA Below the Zone (BTZ) winning examples to the Promotion Section on The both were submitted by BED, 2006 2A632 BTZ winning example and 2005 4N051 BTZ winning example.

26 Dec, hopefully everyone had a relaxing Christmas.  Added another submission from BED to - Award Examples, the interesting fact about this is that it is the first Brigadier General Sarah P. Wells Award for an Outstanding Airman of the Year. Need to make a couple of corrections.  First, Enlisted Recognition Program 2006 Group Airman of the Quarter winner for 4N031/Aerospace Medical Technician won at the base level not the group level.  Second, the totals for the award drive are BED with 7 and CAD with 3.  BED submitted four BTZ packages.  (They are in the process of being posted.)  Finally, the BTZ Example 5 under - Promotions had the wrong link.  It too has been corrected. The numbers on Contributors to the Cause, only reflect the numbers of those items posted.  Look for numbers in "( )" of those waiting to be posted.

23 Dec, added more awards to - Award Examples.  First, a 2006 Annual NCO of the Year, group winner, for a 2A672/ Aerospace Ground Equipment Craftsman and 2006 Annual Airman of the Year, group winner, for a 2A652/ Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Journeyman; both submitted by BED.  Finally, The 2008 Enlisted Pay Chart has been updated.  Robin, pointed out a small error regarding the E7 pay chart and upon further investigation it was determined a fair number of the totals were wrong, and have been updated.  (Unfortunately, many of the other online sites have the data I did originally and they too need to be updated.)

22 Dec, added awards to - Award Examples.  First, an Enlisted Recognition Program 2006 Group Airman of the Quarter winner for a 4T031/Medical Laboratory Apprentice submitted by BED.  Second, another Enlisted Recognition Program 2006 Group Airman of the Quarter winner for 4N031/Aerospace Medical Technician submitted by BED. Third, an Enlisted Recognition Program 2006 Group NCO of the Quarter winner for a 2A372 also submitted by BED. Fourth, an Enlisted Recognition Program 2005 Flight NCO of the Quarter, 2nd quarter winner for a 3S071/NCOIC Retraining submitted by CAD.  Fifth, another Enlisted Recognition Program 2005 Flight SNCO of the Quarter, 2nd quarter winner for a 8C000/Superintendent, Family Support Center also submitted by CAD.  Its not too late to compete for both the awards drive or the annual most submitted.  The numbers on Contributors to the Cause, only reflect the numbers of those items posted.  Look for numbers in "( )" of those waiting to be posted.

21 Dec, received 14 award submissions in the last week from both CAD and BED combined.  The quarterly stats for the award has CAD with 3, and BED with 11.  The first one, a 2006 Enlisted Recognition Program (Airman of the Quarter), has been posted to - Award Examples. Additionally, have received about 7 packages for review.  Just as a reminder, when packages for review come in they take precedence.  Finally, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates to the site.  New job has absorbed a lot more of my time, and any free time is being spent with my family.  As time permits, I will get update the site.

4 Dec, Award information update...  there has been a change to AFI 36-2805 -- The official message will be posted shortly.  Thanks SA.

Individual award submissions are now limited to thirty (30) lines, Not including the revised one overall heading (para 4.2.1), front side of AF Form 1206 only (para 2.3.2).

Finally working on a new Air Force Forms Page and Air Force Pubs Page.  Again, they are a work in progress.

25 Nov, added New OPR/PFW Instructions (11 Jul 07) (MPFM: 07-45) by request.  Don't forget about MPFM: 07-44, New EPR/PFW Instructions (11 Jul 07) both are located in  AFWriting under the EPR/OPR section.

18 Nov, updated the Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s page.  Chapter 8 has been fixed.  Also added two sections for each of Chapter 6 = Standards of Conduct, Chapter 16 -- Wing Support, and Chapter 18 = Fit Force.

17 Nov, made a couple of changes on the sites.  First, there is a new Promotion Section on  Within it has the Senior Airmen (SrA) Below-The-Zone (BTZ) information some people tend to look for.  Next, a Supplemental Below-the-Zone (BTZ) Consideration example letter (thanx CAD) has been added to both Letter Factory and the new Promotion Section

Now through the end of the year we are looking to increase the number of practice test and exams.  Whether MOS/AFSC study aids or some other skills test (see the Practice Exam page for ideas).   The monetary award(s) will be based on the quality and then quantity of practice tests. As you may have noticed there maybe more than one based on the QUALITY of the practice tests. When it comes to preparing for further knowledge, its quality not quantity!  Additionally, there will be a running tally of contributions again for 2007, with an annual award to be determined at a later time (they will not be less than the 2006 award).  There is also a concurrent bullet drive on for the member that submits the most accepted bullets by the end of 2007.  Finally, there is an Award Drive from now until the end of the year.  The person who submits the most award packages will receive at least a $15 Amazon Gift CertificateCheck out Contributors to the Cause to see where everyone sits, right now CAD is the leader with 12 submissions.

15 Nov, Congrats to the newest Chief Master Sergeants...

The Air Force will publicly release the 07E9 promotion list. A total of 2,476 senior master sergeants were considered for a 16.80 percent selection rate. Last year’s selection rate was 16.85 percent.

The average score for those selected was 671.39, with an average time in grade and time in service of 3.54 and 23.25 years respectively. The average score was based on the following point averages:

-- 135 for Enlisted Performance Reports;
-- 27.75 for time in grade;
-- 23.75 for time in service;
-- 24.29 for decorations;
-- 66.35 for the Air Force supervisory examination;
-- 394.25 for the evaluation board score.

10 Nov, The Image Library has been updated with additionally Medals, Ranks, and Organization Graphics.  Enjoy

5 Nov, RB is on a roll...  he not only identified a problem with Chapter 2 but with Chapter 3 as well.  Looks like a couple of files corrupted in the last couple of weeks.  as of now, Chapter 3 = Organization - (52:12) audio link on Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s page has been corrected.

3 Nov, RB identified a problem with Chapter 2 -- Enlisted History: Part Two = 2.10. Creation of an Independent Air Force - Operation Desert Shield - (1:02:39) audio link on the Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s page.  Apparently, the audio file corrupted.  It has been corrected. 

31 Oct, the 2008 Enlisted Military Pay Chart and 2008 Officer Military Pay Chart have been updated to the 3.5% pay increase.

26 Oct, notified the links from 21 Oct were not working.  The problem should be fixed now.

21 Oct, added a letter example submitted by DE for a Supervisor recommending a subordinate for a civilian job to Letter Factory. Also added a 3rd Quarter 2007 NCO (6F051) Enlisted Recognition Winning Award Example submitted by VYR to - Award Examples.  Take a moment and Check at all of the contributors to the site this year.  Don't forget the person who submits the most STEP packages will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate.  If you haven't checked out the website, take a moment and let us know what you think.

A member recently contacted the site attempting to find PowerPoint certificates someone created back in 2002 for members to give to their children for there roles at home.  I have never seen them, but I agree with the requestor,  with the current rates and lengths of deployments this would be an awesome addition.  if you have these, please contact me.

16 Oct, added an example Request Revocation of Air Force Achievement Medal to - Letter Factory.

13 Oct, added 3rd Quarter 2007 Airman (2E152) Enlisted Recognition Winning Award Example and 3rd Quarter 2007 Airman (8M000) Enlisted Recognition Award Example to - Award Examples (thanx PGP).  Finally added  an Airman Leadership School (ALS) Instructor Letter of Recommendation to - Letter Factory - Letters of Recommendation (thanx JJD).

5 Oct, The Newsletter has been posted today and will be sent out tomorrow...  The mentoring moment in this addition touches on a difficult issue, that makes headlines when it spins out of control.... 

24 Sep, the Airman's Creed Video has been added to, Multi-Media - Professional Videos.  Its pretty good so take a couple of minutes and check it out.

23 Sep, it appears the Air Force has decided to "change" the e-publishing.  Thus all of the external links to Forms and Pubs and broken.  Currently working on correcting the links.  Also added another First Sergeant Recommendation letter to's Letter Factory - Letters of Recommendation (Thanx CAD)

22 Sep, added another Letter of Reprimand Example for Driving While Intoxicated -Article 111 to - Letter Factory - Letters of Reprimand. (thanx CAD) Also added another set of "The Rules of the Mess" to the Ceremony Page.

21 Sep, there will be no newsletter for September as I have been/still TDY with the same issues are previously.  There will be an October newsletter, look for it by the 1st.  Managed to add a couple of items today...  a second Senior Enlisted 2006-2007 Lance P. Sijan Leadership award example (submitted by CWP), this one won at the Wing Level to - Award Examples.  KGS submitted an Article 123a, Making, drawing, or uttering check, draft, or order without sufficient funds (Bad Check) Letter of Reprimand  to - Letter Factory - Letters of Reprimand.

11 Sep, please excuse the delay in getting the newsletter out this month.  I am TDY and only have limited internet connectivity and access.

5 Sep, added Writing Well Is Essential To Good Airmanship to  An informative article derived from the 29 Aug - 4 Sep 07 Weekly Roll Call, take a minute and check it out.

1 Sep, couple of items of interest.  A number of people commented about being either non-responsive or slow.  The problem with the router as been fixed (or at least I hope).  Finally, congratulate COOP1167 from who won the Bullet drive.  COOP1167 submitted 47 approved bullets to the database.  For those who haven't looked at it yet there are currently 605 registered users and 402 bullets.  Remember you only need to register to submit or comment on bullets.

25 Aug, a Senior Enlisted 2006-2007 Lance P. Sijan Leadership award example has been added - Award Examples.  Still no word how it did, but it reads well.  Also, the bullet drive that ends at the end of the month, the top five contributors are:


47 bullets


33 bullets


20 bullets


19 bullets


9 bullets

The individual who submits the most accepted bullets by 31 Aug will receive a $25 Gift Certificate (the account, dom, will be ignored).  We have been reviewing all submission at least once if not twice a day.  Its not too late to contribute.  Just think an EPR has 20-23 lines and a full page AF1206 has 43 lines.  It will not take much to pull ahead.

19 Aug, MVH submitted a 2006 Traffic Management Flight NCO Yearly Award example.  This award example did not win, but it is highlights some simple award mistakes many of us can learn from.  Feel free to contribute to the site as MVH did.  Watch the Contributors to the Cause to see what the quarterly award is and who has been contributing the most therefore helping their fellow airmen.  Finally, added the 07E5 Alpha List.

14 Aug, had a user request information regarding how to write an exception to policy letter.  If anyone has guidance, please send it up so we can get it online and share with our peers.  Additionally, had another looking for NCOA Vanguard Award example.  So far, I haven't found one to share if someone does please share it as well.  Thanx.

11 Aug, SSgt averages for the 07E5 have been released... The selection rate was 41.33%, up 5.46% from last year... (Not bad) the average selectee score was 270.71 points, based on the following:
-- 131.72 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 55.99 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 54.33 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 2.15 Time in Grade
-- 4.72 Time in Service
-- 0.85 Decorations 

6 Aug, added information about wearing the new green ABU boots with current BDUs to Good to Know - Uniforms.  There has been a lot of miscommunication regarding this, the short of it, YES you can wear them with your BDUs.  Additionally, if someone has the results of the last Air Force Uniform Board please send up.  Finally, added New EPR/PFW Instructions (11 Jul 07) to AFWriting - EPR/OPRs. Finally, the Newsletter has been posted and has been sent out today.

Received a couple of emails regarding people unable to open up the new forms.  (I personally had the same problem, hence the long delay in getting them posted on the site).  If you are getting the following error (will be at the end of the error screen):

<DATE> <TIME> 2007 0 Viewer : Unable to load form.
at Error(.\src\Utilities\Str_rsrc.cpp:227 Tue Jun  1 14:34:59 2004):2948:8

Then you will need to uninstall the IMT viewer your are using (most likely 6.01) and install IMT Viewer 6.5.  It can be found on this site under supervisor tools, or right click "IMT Viewer (6.5)" and Save As.  I hope this helps.

5 Aug, added information regarding the Implementation Dates for the new EPR/OPR/PFW.  Also, have released the Military Law page, key note regarding the content within the Military Law section

The UCMJ is the derived source of this information. The information below is for illustration and educational purposes only and may not reflect the most recent changes. Please refer to your Legal Office or Area Defense Counsel for legal advice.

4 Aug, added the newest EPR, OPR and PFW forms to the site.  Now all of the "Fast IMT Links" will contain the most current version of the forms.  Additionally, added the updated IMT viewer (6.5) and instruction guide to the site as well (you need it to be able to open the new forms) and it can be found in Supervisor Tools.

26 Jul, added General Officer Ceremony Checklist, Change of Command Ceremony and Change of Command Script to Ceremonies.  Additionally, ran across a very good movie that hasn't received the publicity it duly deserves.  If you are interested in personal finance, or others people's finances that impact your lively hood (supervisors) check out Maxed Out.  Its well worth its cost and your time.

23 Jul, added two more First Sergeant Recommendation letters to's Letter Factory - Letters of Recommendation (Thanx CAD).  Additionally added a practice test for 4A051 HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT (HSM) to the Practice Exams (thanks again to DMG).

22 Jul, added a First Sergeant Recommendation letter to's Letter Factory - Letters of Recommendation (Thanx CAD).

21 Jul, the remaining three practices tests submitted by DMG for the 4A071 HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT (HSM) CRAFTSMAN have been added to the Practice ExamsVolume 2, Managed Care, Volume 3, RMO Part 1 and Volume 4, RMO Part 2 / Medical Readiness.  Be sure to take a moment and review the Contributors to the Cause, and see where everyone stacks up.

20 Jul, trying to do a little catch-up on the site between TDYs.  The new Fitness calculator has been added to Supervisor Tools, Airman Files, Supervisor Files, and Senior NCO Files (thanx MH).  There has been a 2nd Quarter 2007 Senior Enlisted Recognition Winning Award Example added to - Award Examples (thanx CAD).  Finally, DMG submitted a practice tests for 4A071 HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT (HSM) CRAFTSMANVolume 1, Beneficiary Services, is online with chapters 2 - 4 on deck.  Find all of the practice tests under the Practice Exams.

15 Jul, The Newest AF Form 910 and AF Form 911 (EPR) Changes are now posted on

8 Jul, Let me thank all of those that have helped with the long awaited bullet database.  After 2 months of testing, it appears to be ready for prime time.  Take a minute and check it out at:  The link to the Professional Development Guide (PDG) and MP3s page has been corrected and all of the  MP3s are now available.

4 Jul, Just returned form leave, so I am a little behind on the site.  Ought to be caught up by next week.  I would like to thank JH for pointing out a grammar mistake on the Letter Factory page. 

24 Jun, looks like the last update completely jacked up the system so the site has been down for a couple of days.  Sorry about the inconvenience this may have caused but do not worry we are actually online still... 

20 Jun, updated the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) Reading List to reflect the 2007 changes.  There is a big difference between the two lists.  From initial look and some background, I have found the 2006 CSAF Reading List a better selection.

18 Jun, added an Air Force Speech Writing Guide to - Writing Guides.

17 Jun, fixed the link to the Airman of the 1st Quarter 2007 Package.  Thanks for pointing out the problems SA.

15 Jun, CONGRATS to the New Selectees... On both sides there was an increase in promotions, Stats below.  NAS submitted an Airman of the 1st Quarter 2007 Package that won at the base level, take a moment to check it out under - Award Examples.  Finally take a moment and check out the latest Contributor stats, in addition to quarterly gift certificates there are also annual prizes for the person who contributes the most...

Master Sergeant Averages for the 2007 Cycle

Increased by 5.03%

The average master sergeant selectee score for the 06E7 master sergeant test cycle was 343.02 points, based on the following:

-- 133.73 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 57.48 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 52.61 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 27.93 Time in Grade
-- 34.47 Time in Service
-- 10.33 Decorations

The average master sergeant selectee has 3.57 years time in grade and 16.44 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to master sergeant from August to July 2008.

Technical Sergeant Averages for the 2007 Cycle

Increased by 1.62%

The average selectee score for the 07E6 technical sergeant test cycle was 284.67 points, based on the following:

-- 132.07 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 56.35 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 45.73 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 31.09 Time in Grade
-- 20.93 Time in Service
-- 3.66 Decorations

11 Jun, Added Air Force 101 - A Spouses Guide to the Air Force in Good to Know.  Added approximately 70 new images to the Image Library.

07 Jun, created the Professional Development Guide (PDG) page from the source site.  Due to the number of hits the source site is receiving you can also download AFPAM 36-2241 and/or the PDG audio files (MP3s) from this link.  Find the link under Good To Know - Airmen Files; NCO Files; and SNCO Files.

04 Jun, the Newsletter has been posted and is being sent out today.

25 May, added a great link to Fighting for Iraq: A Regional Power Play brought to you by MSNBC.  Become informed and take 10 minutes and get a lesson in reasoning... Also added Feedback Calculator to Supervisor Tools.  Added an Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) for Meritorious Service (#13) to - Decoration Examples. Watch the contributor stats, AA is now on the board. Also, still looking for database testers, feel free to to sign-up.  Finally, updated Add A Link to include  If you have a site and want to add a link here, just copy and paste.

18 May, JD submitted Military Outstanding Volunteers Service Medal Template.  Find it in Decoration Templates under AF Writing - Decoration Examples

13 May, received a comment from BG about changing troops to Airmen through out the sites.  His comment came a day or so after the change started.  As of now, 90% of the pages have been fixed.  It is time for many of us (myself included) to get wrapped around the idea we are all "Airmen" regardless of rank.  At least we are not called "Shipmates" or "Devil Dogs"...  Additionally, 4 people have signed up to be beta testers for the bullet database.  There is still a need for at least 6 more. 

9 May, the Newsletter has been posted and is being sent out today.

7 May, another good news article was release a couple of weeks ago, Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative. Find it in Good To Know.  Also there has been some new images added to the Image Library.

6 May, running behind on the newsletter this month.  It is almost completed, sorry for the delay.

1 May, Newsletter ought to be mailed out in the coming days.  Also, there is a need for Beta Testers for the new Bullet database. 

26 Apr, the new AFPAM 36-2241, Professional Development Guide (PDG) (new PFE) is online now!  Here is a link to the official copy (need a .mil and CAC), otherwise has a version which is a link to the PD site;  Also, added Information concerning Commercial Sources for purchasing Airman Battle Uniform to Good To Know - Uniforms.

19 Apr, looks like I forgot to add Below The Zone (BTZ) Schedule to Good To Know. Additionally added Deployment And Assignment History On SNCO Evaluation Briefs and DVR Retrieval From Virtual MPF to Good To Know.  Next, the new "Airman's Creed" has been added to the Ceremony and Good To Know pages.  Finally a couple of errors were pointed out on AFWriting, normally I wouldn't have pointed this out, but it goes to show that no one is perfect and we look for and accept any type of criticism... Here is the exact except:

On the "AF Writing - A Window To ..." page where it says (in BOLD letters no less), "Spelling mistakes are in excusable today!" perhaps you meant to use the word "inexcusable" (without a space)?

I have to say, that mistake is pretty inexcusable, given the context.....

Mike, you know you are 100% correct.  Thank you for pointing it out, it has been fixed.  Also thanks for pointing out that the comment form was problematic.  That too has been fixed.

13 Apr, Below The Zone (BTZ) Schedule has been added to Good To Know.

08 Apr, the Newsletter is posted.  It will be sent out tomorrow.  If you would like to have it sent to you, Sign-up Here!  Be warned though, some .mil servers block the message since it contains links.

06 Apr, I changed my mind on the Newsletter for this month.  I hope to have it sent out by Sunday.

30 Mar, received and added three Writing Guides; 9th AF Evaluation Guide, 9th AF Decoration Guide and USCENTAF Decoration Guidebook.  Thanks CAD.  Additionally, SA submitted a very good article from AF News.  Although credit is normally not given for news source submissions, Keep Up Air Force Records, Personal Info For Promotion Sake, is an exception.  It contains very good instruction on how to request Promotion Board Records for both Officers and Senior NCOs, take a minute and review it (Good to Know - Air Force General).  Finally, posted the awaited Enlisted Stratification Clarification to Good to Know.

28 Mar, added Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Shipping Request to Letter Factory - Assignment.  This brings BRC total submitted to six.  Check at all of the contributors.

25 Mar, added A Real Look at OPR Phrases in EPR/OPR Information.  These phrase take a no kidding look at the words used in a verity of Performance reports (enlisted and officer) .  Yes, it focuses on OPRs  but many of the same things happen in EPRs.  So go forth and LEARN from others mistakes!

22 Mar, Continuing on with the Ceremony Page update.  Added Air Force Chief (CMSGT) Promotion Ceremony Script, Retirement Script for a Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt), "Jeep Chief" History & Rules, Promotion or Retirement Checklist and finally a POW/MIA Table Ceremony (Joint Ceremony) Script.  Also the Award Timeline  has been updated with approximately 40 more awards, look for the plan text to identify the changes.  If you know any that have been missed please let us know.

21 Mar, updated the Enlisted Promotions FAQ in Good To Know - FAQs.  Next added Flag Folding History to Good To Know.  Finally started the Ceremony Page. Update with a Promotion Invitation Example

20 Mar, HQ AF has issued new guidance concerning JPME comments in EPRs check it out in Good To Know and Air Force Writing - EPRs/OPRs Information.  I am working on the back log this evening.  The first new contributor is BRC.  BRC submitted four letter and one decoration example.  Find the four letters; Command Sponsorship Tour Request, Designated Location Move (DLM), Arrival Dates for Foreign National Spouse and Commander's Assessment of Spouse for Accompanied Assignment Request in Letter Factory - Assignment.  The decoration is worth your time to review and compounds the comments made in the last newsletter, find the Outstanding Achievement for Singular Act of Selflessness (AFAM OA #9) in Air Force Writing - Decoration Examples.  Check out all of the contributors to date!19 Mar, noticed that Air Force Decoration Templates had not updated and the references were wrong.  The pages have been updated and now the templates and references are correct.

16 Mar, The Senior Master Sergeant Promotion List 07E8 has been posted.  Congratulations to those luck MSgt that got picked up.  Job well done!

 Total worldwide statistics for cycle 07E8 are:
Number Eligible: 14,626
Number Selected: 1,282
AF-wide Selection Rate: 8.77%

14 Mar, PAH submitted an incredible 2006 SNCO Communications and Information Award Program example, check it out in AFWriting - Award Examples. Additionally, SMSgt Results will be released officially on the 16th.  For those of you who have already found out, CONGRATULATIONS.

12 Mar, Looks like there was a link error for Social Security Benefits For Military Personnel in the newsletter, sorry about that.   

10 Mar, the Newsletter is finally out.  Sorry about the long delay in getting it posted.

6 Mar, fixed the problem with the answers for Airman's Manual Practice Test  - Section 2 – Deploy.  Check it out in the Practice Exam section.  (thank you LER)

5 Mar, I am still working on the newsletter sorry for the delay.  I have been working on fixing some of the Comment links.  Additionally, I have been trying to respond to a number of emails and EPR/Award reviews.  I received an interesting comment a couple of days ago regarding an award example and some questions regarding a some of the bullets within it.  Just so everyone understands the awards examples are just that, examples.  Any item submitted for review is kept between the submitter and the staff (and only released with the permission of the submitter).  Thus, if you would like candid, specific reviews of your writing please submit it to us.  Our overall goal is to help people become better writers utilizing their own work.

1 Mar, starting to "clean" the site.  Good To Know was in a serious need of organization.  Many of the links have been moved to a historical archive page (which has no organization on it at all).  In doing this a new section, Leadership Guides, has been added.  Posted 18 Lessons in Leadership from the originally titled "Gen (Ret.) Collin Powell's 18 Lessons in Leadership" in Good To Know - Leadership Guides

28 Feb 07, Air Force Decoration Templates have been added to Writing - Decoration Examples

21 Feb, the 2007 Enlisted and 2007 Officer Pay Charts have been updated to reflect the 1 Apr pay raise.  While doing this, I have also added the 2008 Enlisted and Officer Military Pay Charts derived from the budget proposal.

19 Feb, added three winning annual award packages submitted by LES; 12OAY-Amn, 12OAY-NCO, and 12OAY-SNCO to - Award Examples. If you have been living under a rock like I have the last couple of weeks, you may not have heard about the AF Discontinuing POV registration.  Check it out at - Good to Know.  While you are there check out the Financial Information page about the POV Mileage Rate Update and the Education Page concerning free tuition for Harvard University.

18 Feb, just returned from leave.  Looks like email and requests have been building up.  Expect to see updates in the next couple of days.

31 Jan, the Newsletter has been posted.  Feel free to signup and be added to our mailing list.

29 Jan, Newsletter has been sent early.  There will be no page updated until the middle of Feb.  If any writing items need review, please send them and they will be handled accordingly.

20 Jan, added Supervisors Guide to Admonitions and Reprimands to Writing Guides and Letter Factory.  It simplifies the writing process  by utilizing pre-wrote paragraphs that only need a couple of changes to utilize.

19 Jan, received a new award, a winning 2006 3A Communication and Information Award submitted by SS (Find it in AFWriting - Award Examples).  Additionally, added information regarding the AFSA Pitsenbarger annual award under Award Timelines. Also added Non-Aviator Incentive Pay to Good To Know.  This doesn't target a lot of people, but if you fly (military) and are not on flight status, it is DEFINITELY worth your time to check it out.  Finally,  What to do when you meet a board is located in Good To Know ('tis the season to have this handy). 

10 Jan, this months Newsletter has been posted.  Sorry for the delay.  Additionally, added Effective Writing Manual for Air Force Public Affairs Professionals document (thanks TDF), 4th Fighter Wing Writing Guide (slightly dated) and Nuts And Bolts Of Writing An OPR and to - Writing Guides .  While trying to catch-up the backup of information, Deviation Of Rater's Rater On TSGT And Below EPR's has been added to and Good To Know.  Add yet another DEC, PCS MSM from LES that was submitted last year.  Find it - Decoration Examples

8 Jan, converted and posted four decorations LES submitted last year.  Two Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM) for Outstanding Achievement (OA), #7 and #8; Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) for meritorious service, #12 and the first Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) for Outstanding Achievement (OA).  Find them all in - Decoration Examples

5 Jan, added 3 more awards to the Award Timeline; General Thomas P. Gerrity, Honorable Dudley C. Sharp and Ronald L. Orr annual awards. (thanks to IMH for providing the information and AFI)

4 Jan, has added some information concerning Some South Dakota veterans who might be eligible for bonuses.  It was an AFLink story on the 3rd of January.  Basically if your residency is in SD, then take a minute to look at it.

1 Jan, JRC submitted a MAJCOM winning Lance P. Sijan award example. Find it in Award Examples. The new BAH rates are out.  I have to say the meager raise could almost keep up with inflation, check out the 2007 Enlisted W/ Dependants BAH and 2007 Enlisted W/O Dependants BAH rates.  finally added a commander's Article 15 Handbook to Good To Know and Letter Factory - Disciplinary Examples.  This month's Newsletter will be a little late, I have been enjoying my Holiday Break.  Finally, as you access the AFWriting pages you may notice them dumping you to a different URL, don't be alarmed.  AFWriting has evolved and needed its own domain.

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