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AFMentor 2008 Timeline

It is always good to remember where you have been!

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22 Dec, added Paternity Leave for Service Members to Good to Know.  It is now official as of 12 Dec 08, 10 days of permissive (non-chargeable) paternity leave to married members of the armed forces on active duty whose wife gives birth to a child on or after 14 Oct 08.  Also don't forget the bullet drive going on now on  The person who submits the most accepted bullets will receive a $25 Gift Certificate!  The first place person has only submitted 67 bullets to date.

21 Dec, added 2009 WAPS Calculator to Supervisor Tools.  The best calculator seen to date.

29 Nov, working on catching up the site....  recently added the 2009 Officer/Warrant Military Basic Pay Chart.

24 Oct, it was brought to our attention the link to Decorations Guide (55th Wing '05) was pointed to the wrong Decoration Guide.

16 Oct, JAB submitted a winning 2008 3rd Quarter Below-The-Zone package for a 2E131 / Satellite/Wideband Comm Apprentice  2008.  It is located in - Promotion.  Additionally, the link to BTZ Example 14 has been corrected as well.

5 Oct, added Below the Zone (BTZ) Competition - Non-Select letter to the Letter Factory.  Check out the latest Contributors To The CauseAFEPRBullets has launched a monetary award for this quarter. The person who submits the most accepted bullets between 1 Oct and 31 Dec 08 will receive a $25 Gift Certificate!

28 Sep, added Stripes for Exceptional Performers (STEP) Promotion Guidance, STEP Recommendation Letter (in Letter Factory - Recommendations) and Smart Information Card to - Promotion.  Also, JTD submitted a winning 2008 Below-The-Zone package for a 6F031/Customer Service Apprentice.  It is also located in - Promotion.  Additionally, you will find another Decoration Writing Guide in, Decorations Guide (55th Wing '05)Finally added an Enlisted Force Structure PowerPoint briefing designed for Airmen (thanx DAD) to Supervisor Tools - Training Slides.

20 Sep, updated the 2009 Enlisted Military Pay Chart to reflect the 3.9% increase.  Also added How to find supplemental promotion results to Good to Know - Promotions

10 Sep, DKU submitted a new 2008 Field Grade Lance P. Sijan USAF Leadership Wing winning example to - Office Award Examples.  Also for all of you Thumb Drive people out there, you may want to consider TrueCrypt to protect your data.  It is extremely easy to use. You can find the link in Supervisor Tools.

4 Sep, for those of you who some how missed it, CSAF released an Uniform Wear Policy (Blues Monday). Also added information about Air Force Productivity Excellence Award (AFPEA).

2 Sep, have you ever felt like there isn't enough time in the day?  Anyway, AGW submitted two decoration examples of an AFCM for Outstanding Achievement and AFAM for Meritorious Service.  This is only the second and third one respectively on the site and can be found in - Decoration Examples.

24 Aug, added 08/E5 List (SSgt Promotion list).  Enjoy.

5 Aug, returned from leave and now I understand the messages about the new forms, hence the Revised Evaluation Form Msg -- 910/911/707/931 and all of the forms affected have been updated.

31 Jul, added a Recommendation for Officer Training School (OTS) (PDF), Age Waiver for Basic Officer Training, and UCMJ Quality Force Review Letter for OTS selection (can be used for special duty assignments as well) to Letter Factory.  Finally, while kicking the OTS horse, you will find the Basic Officer Training (BOT) FAQ under Good To Know - FAQs

30 Jul, added a submission from 2008 4Y031/ Dental Assistant Apprentice winning BTZ package to AFWriting - Promotions.  Next added a winning 2nd quarter 2008 Non-Commissioned Officer (4Y072) at group and 2nd quarter 2008 Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (4T071) at group level (thanx DF) to AFWriting - Award Examples.  Finally, I think I have found all of the rouge (old) AF 910, AF 931, AF 911, AF 932, AF 707, and AF 724 links and pointed them to the new files.

25 Jul, finally have had time to really work on the site...  First, there are a couple of corrections to make for the DF submissions below, the SNCO of the Quarter, 2nd 08 submitted by DF is actually a group winner for 4th Quarter 2007 and all of them now have the correct AFSC and duty title.  Next, JRC submitted a 2nd Quarter 2008, Airman of the Quarter for a 4N051. Also, AGW submitted two decorations, an AFCM which looks pretty good and an AFAM which is worth checking out to see some notes.  Finally, RDA submitted a DEROS Curtailment request letter and you can find it in the Letter Factory.

8 Jul, recently DF submitted 4 award examples; Airman of the Quarter, 1st 08 a; Airman of the Quarter, 1st 08 b; SNCO of the Quarter, 1st 08; and SNCO of the Quarter, 2nd 08.  You will find them - Award Examples.

24 Jun, added an AFPC article, "Air Force prepared for largest virtual promotion release (E6/E708)".  The best part of this article are the 3 links it offers in order to find out the promotion results.  Also added a good mentoring article highlighting the recent shake up in the AF, 18th Wing CC: Airmen should learn from Air Force shake-up (Stars and Stripes article) you can find it in Good to Know - Leadership (Thanx SA).

19 Jun, it has been a while since the last update.  Recently received a winning 1st Quarter 08 SNCO package.  If you have a second check it out as it illustrates a new writing view.  Thanks to JRC for it.  Additionally the statistics for the recent E6/E7 results have been released...

Air Force worldwide statistics for cycle 08E6 (TSgt) are:

Number Eligible: 38,324
Number Selected: 7,110
AF-Wide Selection Rate: 18.55%

Air Force Worldwide statistics for Cycle 08E7 (MSgt) are:

Number Eligible: 24,223
Number Selected: 5,404
AF-Wide Selection Rate: 22.31%

31 May, sadly there were no additional Award or BTZ packages this quarter....  Many of the awards on the site are becoming dated and there is a serious need for the site patrons to submit current awards.  There will be a new EPR/AF1206 writing guide released in the next 2 weeks.  It takes into account the new AF910 and 911. 

21 May, added information regarding Baggage Changes For Commercial Travel.  If you will be PCSing or going TDY utilizing commercial travel, take a moment and review this information.  You can find this information on the Good To Know page.  Finally, the Budget Calculator (Supervisor Tools) has been updated by the creator, thus removing a couple of bugs within it.

2 May, added 10 Helpful Tips For A Long, Successful AF Career after it was recommended to the site.  If you only have 1 minute to spend cruising the web while at work, take the 1 minute and spend it reading this article.  It is well worth it.  You will be able to find it on the top of this page and in Good to Know.  I found an extra hour or so today and caught up a couple of the past submissions to the site.  The first one is How to Read a SURF (MILPDS), if this sounds like Greek come back a later day and look in Good to Know.  Next, is a letter that most if any of you will ever need but since it was submitted, it has been posted in Letter Factory on, Next Of Kin Notification For Absent Without Authority.  Finally, as we have done for the last 3 years, we contributed all advertisement profits from the month of April to the AFAF drive.

Sadly, this quarter ended with NO Award submissions and therefore no winners of the $25 gift certificate.  Until the end of this quarter, (end of June) we will continue the Award drive as many people utilize the awards to help them write better packages themselves.  Additionally, because BTZ packages are due this month, we will also take BTZ award submissions.  (For those of you that contributed a BTZ packages since 27 Mar, they will be counted in this as long as you contribute another BTZ package or award package)  The person whom contributes the most will receive a $25 Gift Certificate.

29 Apr, added Clarification Of Fitness Reporting On Officer And Enlisted Evaluations (2008 Guidance) to Good to - EPR/OPRS.  Also added ABU Wear on Commercial Travel to Good to Know - Uniforms, like past guidance concerning ABU/BDU jackets, the installation commander has the final say.

28 Apr, looks like everything is working again.  Also, the 08E6/7 TSgt/MSgt promotion cycle results will be released on Thursday, 26 Jun 08, 0800 CST in case you haven't already heard.  Finally, added Benefits for Military Members Based on Type of Discharge to both Good to Know and Military Law.

27 Apr, when it rains it pours.  It looks like everything has been fixed.  Thank you for all of the comments highlighting the problems for the last couple of days.  If you see any more, please let me know as I think they have now all been remedied.

26 Apr, The Server Company changed the file structure and killed and  I am working feverishly trying to get everything back up and operational.  I have been promised the data in the database is still good.  It ought to be up and running by this evening!

22 Apr, added another winning SrA Below the Zone (BTZ) package for 2A531B/Aerospace Maintenance Apprentice (Thank you KE).  You can find it n - Promotions.  Finally don't forget the Award Drive ends the end of this month, as of now there haven't been any submissions!!!

15 Apr, CAD has submitted a Non-Recommendation for Promotion due to a DUI.  Find it in - Letter Factory.  Also, we are looking for the "Fallen Comrade Script".  If you have it please contact us.

6 Apr, JLW submitted a winning BTZ Example (11) for a 5R051/Chaplain Assistant.  Find it n - Promotions. Also added a recently submitted Air Force Officer Promotion Ceremony Script to the Ceremony Page.  Finally don't forget the Award Drive ends the end of this month.  With 1st Quarter awards due in March, someone might be in a good position to win a $25 Gift Certificate!

29 Mar, MSgts  --  For those of you who didn't get picked up for SMSgt, don't for get to do a DVR Retrieval From Virtual MPF.  You can also find other useful SNCO information in Good To Know - SNCO Files and - Promotions.

28 Mar, added Best Interest of the Air Force Extension for Tuition Assistance MFR to - Letter Factory.

27 Mar, its been a while since the last update. RHV submitted a SrA Below the Zone (BTZ) winning example for a 2S0X1/ War Readiness Apprentice check it out I For all of you reality TV fans, I have to say I was impressed by Celebrity Apprentice finale this evening.  Anytime a prime time show wants to acknowledge and bring to the forefront our hurt and wounded so the country remembers their military I am hopefully more people will remember what is going on.  With the first quarter awards coming due very soon, don't forget you can submit them for review.  Additionally, don't forget about the $25 Gift Certificate to the person who submits the most awards through May.

14 Mar, Congratulations to all of the NEW SMSgts!  View the Alpha List for 08E8 and see if you know anyone.

10 Mar, there is a new award drive running this quarter.  The person who submits the most accepted award packages by the end of May will receive a $25 Gift Certificate.  A couple of things...  first, it was brought to my attention that the Ability To Survive and Operate (ATSO) Vol 4 link was broken.  It has been repaired.  second, one of our members is trying to find a website or something for the past Presidents letters of appreciation for retiree's if you have any information concerning this, please leave a comment.  Additionally, you can also find "Above All", the new Air Force Commercial and an Old 1950's Video of a song saluting Air Force Blue on Multi-Media.  Finally, the information concerning the E-8 (SMSgt) Promotions for 2008 has been updated...

08E8 Release: 12 MAR 08, 8 a.m. CST

 1,284 MSgt Selected -- 8.91% select rate vs. last year’s 8.77%

-- 134.99 for enlisted performance reports;

-- 33.17 for time in grade;

-- 21.43 for time in service;

-- 21.23 for decorations;

-- 68.99 for Air Force supervisory examination;

-- 392.86 for board score.

29 Feb, BJP submitted a great bullet writing tool he uses for his "Airmen".  Before & After - A Quick Look at 1206 Bullet Creation shows an AF1206 with initial bullets to those that were "polished".  Hopefully you find it useful.  It is located in - Writing Guides.  Check out all of the Contributors to the Cause.  There is a running tally, the person who submits the most by the end of the year get a prize.

27 Feb, FERG brought it to my attention that there was an error on Civilian of the Quarter 1st quarter 06. It has been corrected, thank you.

26 Feb, recently received a couple of email with the  "Air Force Together We Served (AFTWS) “Military Only” Social Network Website Powepoint" and the OPSEC issues this particular site and sites like it represent.  Please review the PPT if you haven't already seen it so you too can be aware of the security issues our "Airmen" face.

19 Feb, in case you haven't seen the 2008 IRS Tax Rebate (Stimulus Package) information, it has been posted on under Financial Information - It's Your MONEY!  Additionally, DDA submitted some great information regarding, Overdrive: Air Force Audio Book Service (located in Good to Know).   Its a new service the Air Force Library system provides to Air Force service members. 

18 Feb, updated both the Air Force Forms and Air Force Publication Pages.  There is also an informational video page on concerning Air Force Drill. Hopefully you find all of this useful.

17 Feb, DLK submitted two letter of reprimand examples; Sleeping on Duty (Article 92) and Late for Duty (Article 86).  Both can be found in the Letter Factory - Letters of Reprimand on

11 Feb, if the members, crow and acnwgirl  from see this, please leave a comment.  The email address you registered with are not working and we are trying to get your gift certificates to you.

10 Feb, PH pointed out a grammar mistake on the majority of the decoration examples.  It has now been corrected, and we appreciate pointing out the error.  Also added Report No Later Than Date Change - Due to NJP to - Letter Factory.

9 Feb, added the proposed 2009 Military Pay Chart showing a 3.4 percent increase in basic pay slated to take effect Jan. 1 2009 to the Front Page's Quick Links and Good To Know.

2 Feb, the AF Chief of Staff Reading List has been updated with the 2008 titles.  The Crisis of Islam has reappeared on the CSAF reading list, it first appeared on Gen Jumper's Reading List, and has been recommended numerous times on this site and others since then!

28 Jan, added Maternity Clothing Allowance letter to - Letter Factory.

27 Jan, Air Force Compensation (Benefit) Fact Sheet has finally been updated for 2008.  Find it above or in Good To Know - Air Force specific.
January 2008.

25 Jan, added a Letter of Recommendation for Acceptance for United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) to - Letter Factory - Letters of Recommendation.  Thank you JAB!

19 Jan, for those of you who are interested in AFI updates, the AFI 36-2113, the First Sergeant, was updated in December of 07.

16 Jan, newsletter is now out.  It is being sent out today and tomorrow.

13 Jan, added Below-The-Zone (BTZ) Board Findings/Considerations to the Promotion Section on  Good information for those looking at making BTZ packages stronger and what errors to look out for.  Also updated Commercial Sources for Airman Battle Uniform page as it is out dated with the new changes. 

12 Jan, added a PRF Guide From 18AF/CC dated 3 Aug 04 to Writing Guides and OPR/EPR.  It looks like a couple of the other guides found on this site cut into it. Submitted by MAJ.  Contributors of the Cause have started over for 2008.  We look forward to all of the new submissions this year.  Added Administration Hold - Preventing PCS/TDY to Letter Factory.

7 Jan, working on the newsletter.  It ought to be sent out in the next day or so.  Recently added a Bullet Tracker and Calc for the new EPR (AF910 & AF911).  You can find the tool under Supervisor Tools and Good To Know - Airman, Supervisor and SNCO Files.  Also added a Military Pay Calculator to Supervisor Tools.  This item was created by Eloy M. Rodriguez with the request to share it with the military community.  Please take a second and check it out.  It looks to be a very useful file.

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