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AFMentor 2006 Historical Timeline

It is always good to remember where you have been!

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31 Dec, LES won the annual contributor award with 33 items submitted.  A couple of items are awaiting to be posted because I need to convert them.  but rest assured LES deserves the award.

27 Dec, added information regarding 2006 W2s for Civilian Employees and Military Members.  Also added some information regarding the wearing the new US Insignia to Good To Know - Uniform Info.

21 Dec, during 24 and 25 December, the site will be under maintenance so it may be down for a short period of time. 

20 Dec, Terms and Conditions has been updated.

18 Dec, there has been some good financial data added to  Today, is LES catch-up day; added 8 decorations to Writing - Decoration Examples.
PCS AFCM Example 1 PCS AFCM Example 3 PCS AFCM Example 5 OA AFAM Example 2
PCS AFCM Example 2 PCS AFCM Example 4 OA AFAM Example 1 - Learn from this!

 LES is leading the most contributed (annual) items with 33 various items submitted.  See the Contributor stats now!

16 Dec, the Newsletter was finally mailed last night.  Sorry for the delay.

13 Dec, look for additional posts this weekend.  Right now I am trying to find references for the Maintenance Support Systems Performer and Maintenance Performer, if you have a local OI or some other reference please let me know.  THANKS.

5 Dec, if this message appears it looks like I have the computer fixed.  If so, expect to see the newsletter in the next day or so.

4 Dec, Mr. Murphy hasn't given me the said break I have requested.  I am still having a hell of a time with email and have almost had all of the changes posted.  The Newsletter is Posted, and contains some good information about end of year writing (if I do say so my self).  Additionally, I am looking for any information regarding crisis management? (e.g. alcohol, sexual assault, ethics, equal opportunity) to respond to a site user.  If you have anything please send it up (the server is holding all mail for the time being)...

3 Dec, I am pulling my hair out.  My maintenance computer decided its best friend is Murphy and dropped the last 2 days worth of changes.  (I swear they say computers make life easier).  Anyways, the Newsletter is now posted and ought to be in everyone's mail box this evening (If I can get Murphy to take a 10 minute break).  Finally, there have been three new additions to's Finance Information - Retirement; 2006 Retirement Choice Calculator, The Retirement Choice, and Thrift Savings Plan Talk . Also added a Case Study on Yahoo to Personal Finance - Stocks To Watch.

1 Dec, There have been a lot of new pages added.  I intended to have everything updated on the 30th but ran into a timing problem...  I didn't have any...  With my excuses aside lets look at what is new.  First off, added information regarding United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Leaders Encouraging Airman Development (LEAD) Program to Good to Know and added the LEAD FAQ to the FAQ Page.  Next added information regarding the AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program (a $2K education grant to Air Force Dependants). Finally Added information regarding the popular candy containing traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), "Chronic Candy" in Good To Know.

30 Nov, working on getting all of the award submissions online for today's dead line.  Posted nine winning packages from PEP:
2006 American Legion Sprit of Service Award Military Volunteer of the Quarter, 1st 2006 Airman of the Quarter, 1st 2006
2005 Military Volunteer of the Year Military Volunteer of the Quarter, 2nd 2006 NCO of the Quarter, 1st 2006
2005 NCO of the Year Military Volunteer of the Quarter, 4th 2005 SNCO of the Quarter, 1st 2006

Also added the Civilian Achievement Award submitted by JAN, to both Award Examples and Decoration Examples.

25 Nov, there will be a lot of new posting coming out by the end of the month.  Whether good or bad, but I am on a small vacation, so the site has not been getting as many updates as usual.  PEP has entered the growing list Contributors with 9 winning award examples.  All of the award examples will be posted by the end of the month.  Also the Award drive will end at the end of the month as well.  Finally, the beginning of month newsletter will contain some good information regarding award packages. 

15 Nov, continuing to catch up the submissions thus far.  Today focuses on the 12 LES award submissions located through out Writing Examples:

 2004 Airman of the Year 2004 NCO of the Year 2005 Airman of the 3rd Quarter 2005 Airman of the 4th Quarter
2005 NCO of the 3rd Quarter 2005 NCO of the 4th Quarter 2005 NCO of the Year 2005 NCO of the Year
2005 Senior Civilian of the 3rd Quarter 2005 3C NCO Communications and Information package 2006 Major General Eugene A. Lupia Award 2006 Communication & Information Maintenance Effectiveness Award (Unit)

many of these packages are out standing and well worth your time to review them.  The Award drive is drawing down...  but it is not too late to send in your examples.  Right now, JLM is leading the drive with 16 awards and LES is right behind with 15.  Check out the latest stats, and see where you could stand.

9 Nov, I know it is a little late but;

The Air Force will publicly release the 06E9 promotion list.  A total of 2,475 senior master sergeants were considered for a 16.85 percent selection rate. Last year’s selection rate was 22.83 percent.

The average score for those selected was 670.73, with an average time in grade and time in service of 3.03 and 22.81 years respectively. The average score was based on the following point averages:

-- 135 for Enlisted Performance Reports;
-- 25.18 for time in grade;
-- 23.45 for time in service;
-- 24.29 for decorations;
-- 68.94 for the Air Force supervisory examination;
-- 393.87 for the evaluation board score.

See the Alpha List

3 Nov, added a Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM) Citation example (submitted by JLM) to Writing Decoration Examples. Received a number of award examples from LES recently (28 to be exact).  Added winning 3rd Quarter 2006 winning packages for SNCO, NCO and Airman. Also added How To Get Outstanding EPR’S and Be Competitive for Awards to both  Writing - EPR/OPRs and Writing Guides and Preparing Official Communications to just Writing Guides.  LES has just taken the lead in the total annual submissions and has tied with JLM for the most award submissions.  It is not too late to send in your examples, check out the latest stats.

2 Nov, couple of corrections first. An email was sent identifying a problem with the Chief's Creed. The error has been correct, thanks for letting me know.  Second, the SrA Below The Zone (BTZ) Nomination Letter and Additional Justification posted on the 30th should be two separate packages.  They are now entitled, SrA BTZ Additional Justificationand SrA BTZ Additional Justification.  Both can be found in Letter Factory - Recommendations for Award.

30 Oct, today is catch-up day. All of JAN's submissions have been posted, Annual Civilian Award - Category I - GS07-GS08, Civilian GS07-GS08 1st Quarter 2006, Civilian GS07-GS08 4th Quarter 2005 and Civilian GS07-GS08 1st Quarter 2005.  These four winning examples illustrate a number of issues that others may build from.  Find them in Writing Examples - Civilian Awards. Finally, added the last package from JLM, a 2005 Quarterly Award has been added to Writing Examples.  Finally, JLM's  SrA Below The Zone (BTZ) Nomination Letter and Additional Justification has been added to Letter Factory - Recommendations for AwardCheck out the stats and see where everyone stands.  The award drive doesn't end until the end of the year so the competition still exists.

26 Oct, added a winning USAF NCO Honor Guard of the Year - 2003 example to the Writing Examples. This award was submitted by SA and brings five posted award examples to the site,  check out the stats to see where you stand.  Don't forget the person who submits the most awards will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

25 Oct, added the first couple Honor Guard awards to the site, Thanks SA.  They consist of a 2003 MAJCOM Annual winning package and the 3rd  Quarter package on the same person.  Both are very good examples to look at and learn from.  Find them in Writing Examples. Thank you SA.

24 Oct, added a 2003 winning squadron 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year package to Writing Examples.  The comments at the bottom of the page reflect some issue regarding bullet vs. sentence structure. This package was submitted by SA.  Also added a winning 2nd Quarter 2006 NCO package, submitted by JLM to the site. Check out the stats, the number is () are those remaining to be added to the site.

23 Oct, I have finished my capstone for college. (yea, I'm done!) Anyways,, keep an eye on the site as I start to catch up on the backlog.

18 Oct, I have been finishing my capstone for my degree, so the site has been on the back burner.  I found a good article in the newspaper today and wanted to share it.  The World Reserve (Commercial Company) is giving away real money.  The link Free Money!!! - From World Reserve gives more information regarding it.  Hurry, it is good until 20 Oct.

09 Oct, the October newsletter has been completed and mailed.  If you didn't receive it, please let me know.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, Click Here.

4 Oct, added Intermediate Grade Civilian Communication and Information (C&I) package to Writing Award Examples. This is a VERY GOOD award and illustrates what a good package looks like.  This example package won at the command level in 2005. This package was submitted by JAN, a new contributor to the site.  Also received and added a 2004, 3rd quarter Enlisted Recognition Program to Writing Award Examples.  This one was submitted by SA.  Check out the stats, the number is () are those remaining to be added to the site.

2 Oct, added an Action Verbs PPT to OPR/EPR Information - Word Choice Help.  Also, I am planning on having this months newsletter will be out by Friday.

28 Sep, added a 2005 Airman 4th quarter award, three Professional Performer of the Month packages (May, Sep & Jul '05) and finally another 2005 Lt Gen Leo Marquez technician example. (all of these have been submitted by JLM)  One thing that you can notice by looking at all of the awards submitted by JLM is how the individual got better at writing, and the importance of taking care of your airmen.  Everyone of the Professional Performer of the Month packages were seen in the quarterly and annual awards.  With this said though it is important to work hard and eliminate as many problems from the monthly packages as possible so the annual and quarterly awards are easier to write.

26 Sep, added two more Award Examples from JLM, a 2005 Lt Gen Leo Marquez technician example and a 2005 Airman 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year. Check them out in Award Examples.  JLM is leading the AF/DoD award examples drive, check out the stats.

18 Sep, I have finally found the time to finish the AF Chief of Staff Reading List.  Additionally, I have updated the recommend reading list.  (FYI - I have read these books and highly recommend them).  Next, added the second Professional Performer of the Month example and an Airman of the Quarter 2005 Example to Award Examples.  This Airman of the Quarter Example has a lot of issues and ought to be a good training example of new writers.  Take a moment and review it. Finally these two awards were also submitted by JLM.

14 Sep, added the first Professional Performer of the Month example to Award Examples.  this is the fourth award submitted by JLM.

12 Sep, added a 2E Annual Communications and In formations (C&I) example award to Award Examples.  This award was also submitted by JLM, he is in first place with 3 award submissions.  See the stats here

8 Sep, added CMSAF Perspective on Sr. Rater Endorsement and Stratification to Writing EPR/OPR Info and Good to Know.  It contains some good information for SNCOs and their raters.  Additionally, for those who haven't heard, the Air University is looking at creating a Bachelor's in Military Leadership for the Enlisted Corps.  If this happens, give it a couple of years and this will become a requirement as well.

7 Sep, added the proposed 2007 Military Pay Chart for both Enlisted and Officers/Warrant to Quick Links and Good To Know.

6 Sep, added a 2005 Airman of the Year example to Award Examples.  This one too was submitted by JLM.

5 Sep, received a bunch of award examples from JLM.  The first one, Airman of the Quarter, 3rd has been posted to Award Examples.  There are more to come.

4 Sep, first and foremost, CAD won the $25 prize from the LOA drive with 4 submissions.  The last submission was received on 31 August, it was a personal letter from a squadron commander concerning the support identified from the Mentoring Seminar.  Now through the end of November we will be accepting AF/DoD award examples.  The person who submits the most Awards will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.  Submit your award examples today.  This months newsletter will be sent out Monday night/Tuesday morning and more information about the new competition will be described within.

30 Aug, for those of you who haven't noticed, AFI 36-2903 has been updated.  the new version is 2 August 06.  It was also brought to my attention that the link to 2002 Military vs Civilian Pay Comparison was down.  it has been fixed.  Thank you CC.

29 Aug, received two Letters of Appreciation from CAD, one for Working a Holiday Party and the other for Mentoring Seminar.  CAD as pulled into the lead with 3 total LOA and on the way to winning a $25 gift certificate, see the stats and how you rank.  The letter drive ends in 2 DAYS! take a minute and submit some LOAs.

28 Aug, by request of the Director of Operations at the First Sergeant Academy, I have taken the T-Shirt slides off line.  the link still exist if you would like to request the slides for "historical" reference.  Even though they are out dated, they still contain A LOT of good information for supervisors.  Follow the link and click on what you would like.

26 Aug, updated the CJR Q&A in Good to Know - FAQs with some new information starting September 1, 2006.

25 Aug, updated the CJR Q&A in Good to Know - FAQs

18 Aug, added Evolution of a Bullet to Air Force Writing, EPR/OPR Information.

15 Aug, added the Air Force Inn Search to the Links Page.

11 Aug, Looks like I was a little off on the SSgt Results.  Anyways, the list is posted.  Congrats to all of the new NCOs in the AF.

7 Aug, for those of you who haven't heard the rumor mill, it seems as if almost all Officers will be held in place until the next fiscal year in order to save money.  AFPC ought to be releasing something in the coming days.  There hasn't been any talk about any changes to the enlisted assignment system yet.  Also, there have been new videos added to

3 Aug, received a comment about the link to  SO, NO ONE'S SAT DOWN WITH YOU TO TALK ABOUT YOUR AIR FORCE CAREER? not working.  It has been traced down to a problem with Internet Explorer opening it.  Regardless, it is now being hosted from a different server.  If you haven't looked at it yet, take the time.  It is really that good.

2 Aug, added a new section to Air Force Writing, EPR/OPR Information.  It is still under construction but you can find a list of Promotion Statements supplied to the site by LES; another Contributor to the Cause

30 Jul, the link to DoD Dictionary of Military & Associated Terms has been fixed.  Thanks for pointing out the problem.

29 Jul, updated the DoD Dictionary of Military & Associated Terms (2M PDF) in AF Writing - Acronyms, it is the 2005 edition.  Next added a past PowerPoint Presentation about Progressive Discipline, Bullet Writing, and Completing an AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award to Supervisor Tools - Training Slides.  Additionally, the Bullet Writing and Completing an AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award can be found in Air Writing Guides.

28 Jul, received an OUTSTANDING mentoring help file titled,  SO, NO ONE'S SAT DOWN WITH YOU TO TALK ABOUT YOUR AIR FORCE CAREER?  Although a little dated (10 years) the information is still relevant.  The Author was CMSgt. Stephen Toepfer whom has retired.  Regardless of your rank or career path (enlisted or officer), this is worth your time.  Find it in Good to Know, Leadership Tools, and Mentoring Moments (above).  Additionally, I received and posted 2 LOA examples from TAG (thanx) in Letter Factory - Letter of Appreciation.  The first one is for Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution and the second one is for Volunteerism.  Check out who are the Contributors to the Cause.

27 Jul, Bruce sent up a good article discussing the upcoming uniform changes.  It is titled Keep History Alive and is located in Good to Know. CAD submitted a Letter of Appreciation for Donations.  Simple letter for extending appreciation for items donated to support a specific event.  With only one letter, CAD and TJ are tied for the $25 Amazon gift card.  The letter drive ends 30 August, with the person who submits the most LOA receives the $25 gift card.  Additionally, there will be yearly award for those that have submitted the most items since June.  Following the rankings and see who have been Contributors to the Cause.

26 Jul, updated Superior Personal Performance pages.  it is a collection of bullet phrases and Superior Performance words.  Find it in AF Writing and Writing Guides.  Also, thank you CAD for the Passport letters yesterday.

25 Jul, I still haven't received any letters of appreciation, but did receive three passport letters; Expedite Passport Application and Official Passport, Request Expedite Passport Application, and Request for Official Passport.  Check them out in the Letter Factory.

19 Jul, just got back into town.  I am trying to catch up on a couple of things.  Look for some new letters in the near future.   Concerning the Letter of Appreciation drive, you can mail them via snail mail and we can convert them.  The stamp might be worth $25.

11 Jul, I just noticed the EPR Guide I addressed on 11 Jun has not been posted.  Sorry about that, you can now find the EPR/OPR Guide from the 353 Special Operations Group (78M PDF) in Writing Guides.  Additionally added a decent evaluation guide produced by the AFR Personal Center dated Nov 05 to Military Writing Guides.

9 Jul, I needed the weekend to catch-up the news letter.  Sorry for the delay.

2 Jul, the Newsletter will be a little late this month due to the 4th of July.  Expect to see it on the 7th or sooner.

28 Jun, received and added the first Letter of Appreciation submission for Outstanding Support to the AF Writing, Letter Factory.  Thanks TJ.  At this rate you will be getting the $25 Amazon Gift card for this quarter!

23 Jun, the Fast IMT Links in all of the writing pages have been fixed.

22 Jun, added a Joint Service Commendation Medal Narrative and Citation to AF Writing, Decoration Examples.  The hosting company the site is through did a server migration.  All seemed to go very well until I started getting emails identifying problems.  It appears the directory structures changed just enough to screw up a lot of the automation in the site.  I apologize for any issues this may have caused.  Additionally, the migration has also messed with the Fast IMT Links in all of the writing pages.  I am still trying to get this bug worked out.

19 Jun, It has been a very long week and week end.  I have returned from TDY and I am trying to get caught up. Please bear with me. thanks.  Received the updated Air Force Benefit Fact Sheet in Good to Know.  Check it out and don't forget to brief it during your Feedbacks!  Finally, received an email from a Chief informing me the AF1206 on the site is out dated.  It has been remedied.

16 Jun, Congratulations to all the new TSgt and MSgts.  Job well done.  Now you play the waiting game.  Finally, the Lance P. Sijan award is due in Jul not Jun.  Sorry about any confusion.

15 Jun, I have some free time and I am trying to catch-up some submissions.  About a month ago SSgt AML submitted a very good website used to determine the "days of supervision" for EPRs/OPRs.  it is especially useful when it has been less than 365 days of supervision.  Removed Supervisor Tools and from the Links Page after a user pointed out they were taken offline.  Thank you.

14 Jun, I have recently added a new add on the main page.  Amazon now has an online grocery store with free shipping after a $25 purchase.  Having been in an isolated remote, there is nothing than being able to purchase my favorite snacks at an affordable price and not get killed with shipping and handling.  Therefore, I do recommend the service.  Additionally, a number of various submissions have been received, but i am unable to provide all of them to a VERY BAD internet connection in my deployed location.  I will do my best in getting some up.  With this in mind, don't forget about the $25 gift certificate for the person who submits the most Letters of Appreciation.

13 Jun, updated the line numbers for July. Ad    ditionally I am late in getting the E6/E7 results out.  For those of you who read the AF Inquirer, they did a good job forecasting the decrease in promotion for TSgts and MSgts.

Dropped by 4.25%

The average selectee score for the 06E6 technical sergeant test cycle was 314.01 points, based on the following:

-- 133.24 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 67.73 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 53.37 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 35.66 Time in Grade
-- 23.94 Time in Service
-- 5.43 Decorations

The average technical sergeant selectee has 4.87 years time in grade and 10.84 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to technical sergeant from August to July 2007.

Dropped by 6.19%

The average master sergeant selectee score for the 06E7 master sergeant test cycle was 343.02 points, based on the following:

-- 134.38 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 73.65 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 63.39 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 30.22 Time in Grade
-- 35.42 Time in Service
-- 12.11 Decorations

The average master sergeant selectee has 3.96 years time in grade and 16.95 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to master sergeant from August to July 2007.

"There are approximately 5,200 non-commissioned officers who haven't tested yet because they are currently deployed or have just returned from a deployment," said Chief Master Sgt. Rusty Nicholson, Air Force Personnel Center's enlisted promotions branch chief. "They will be allowed to test once they return, and will automatically be considered for promotion. Supplemental promotions are announced on a monthly basis until everyone has been considered."

11 Jun, will be adding a new EPR/OPR writing guide this coming week.  Sorry the site has not been getting updated regularly this month I have been TDY A LOT!

6 Jun, added a winning Supervisor-Manager AF LT. Gen. Leo Marquez Maintenance Award to Air Force Award Examples.  It is a very good package check it out.

5 Jun, received a couple of award packages, they ought to be posted in the next day or two.

2 Jun, the newsletter has been sent out.  Enjoy.

1 Jun, the newsletter will be sent out tomorrow when I return from a short TDY.  For anyone traveling with officers here is an important note.  If an officer is going to utilize the dinning facility (chow hall) they need their orders on hand.  Otherwise they will be turned away which can be a little embarrassing.

27 May, I am happy to announce we are preparing to launch a knowledge gathering event (yes there is a cash incentive) additional details will be released in the monthly Newsletter.

21 May, added a new Letter of Appreciation for Outstanding Support to the Letter Factory.  This brings the number of letter examples to 290.  Hopefully you find them useful.  Finally, the Airman and NCO charge has been added to Ceremonies along with the Non-Commissioned Officer's (NCO), Senior Non-Commissioned Officer's (SNCO) and Chief's Creed.

20 May, added CY01 Central Senior Master Sergeant Evaluation Board Comments to Good to Know - SNCO Eval Boards.  In addition the missing 05 3C0 C&I award package is now online. Next added information regarding Humanitarian/Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Assignments to Good To Know, with this also added HUMANITARIAN/EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM FAQ to Good To Know - FAQs. Finally, added PowerPoint Tutorial with screenshots from Microsoft 2000 to Training Slides and Supervisor Tools.

18 May, added  CY01 Chief Master Sergeant Evaluation Board Comments and Air Force Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Self Assessment for Promotion to Good to Know - SNCO Eval Boards.  In addition, SMSgt and CMSgt comments have been separated.

16 May, added an Air Force Commendation Medal, PCS Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) and Retirement MSM example citations to AF Writing - Decoration Examples.  Finally, I added CY00 Chief Master Sergeant Evaluation Board Comments to Good to Know - SNCO Eval Boards.

15 May, I will be out of pocket for about a week.  I will attempt to answer comments but I am not making any promises.  Just received word from JBP that 06E6/E7 TSgt/MSgt promotion cycle results will be released on Thursday, 15 Jun 06.

11 May, moved Military Ceremony page from Good To Know to the main menu.  Although the page has a long way to go it has lots of useful data for Air Force members.  I then added Air Force Retirement Work Sheet / Checklist to the Ceremony Page.  New guidance on the Mandatory Wear of AFRC Patch to Good To Know.

10 May, added EES Training Guide to the Mentoring Moments section.  Its a good EES guide in HTML format.  IN addition, the problem with the CY 03 SMSgt Board comments have been fixed (find more of them in Good To Know - SNCO Eval Boards).  Enjoy.

9 May, I personally have gotten sick looking for line numbers since AFPC changed their layout.  So, I will try to keep the monthly line numbers current on the main page.  Hopefully this helps out some of you.

8 May, received feedback about a couple of grammar errors in some award pages.  Working on fixing them along with the ad color schemes.

5 May, added Physical Profile Information or information about AF Form 422 to Supervisor Tools Training Slides.

4 May, it was pointed out to me that Word Errors: Accept/Except & Affect/Effect was missing.  It has been corrected.  thank you SMA.

2 May, received a congressional form letter (thanks GTM) in reference to the erosion of TriCare benefits identified by the Feb 6 posting,  AFSA release concerning your Retirement Benefits.  Find the letter in Letter Factory - Misc titled, Letter to your Congressman - Tricare Benefits.

30 Apr, Looks like I forgot to link the OTS selection recommendation in the Letter of Recommendation page.  It has been fixed.  Also, this month's newsletter will be sent out.

29 Apr, added another letter to the Letter Factory, Generic Fund Raising Letter.  Hopefully you find it as useful as I have.

28 Apr, if you are close to retirement and are looking at REDUX, please check out Financial Page on Fromtheinside.  A new article, REDUX - How to lose $500K has been posted. In addition, another Letter of Recommendation has been added.  This was another user submission concerning OTS selection. (thanks EDG).

27 Apr, added Exemption to Policy Removal of Assignment Availability Code (AAC) example letter to Letter Factory - MFR and MISC.  This request to remove a code 44 was submitted by one of our fellow Airman.  Hopefully you find it helpful. 

26 Apr, the Letters of Recommendation Section is finished in the Letter Factory.  You will find 29 example letters within.  Please note these are verbatim from what was submitted so if there is a verb/wording issue, let me know and I will correct it.

25 Apr, I have returned and started to work on the backlog of emails.  The Military News Section is being moved to, since it fits with that site better than this.  Also, Bruce has finished the Letters of Recommendation so they ought to be online today or tomorrow.  Thank you for being patient. 

17 Apr, I am still out of pocket.  I have been receiving a number of emails and comments about the site.  You are not being ignored, I am just away from my home station.  Due to this, the April Newsletter wasn't released but the May one will be.  I managed to address two comments.  The first one was about the Airman's Manual Knowledge Test Exam 1 Answers, the answers link pointed to the wrong page.  It has now been corrected, thank you for pointing this out SMA.  Second concerned grammar errors in Airman of the Quarter - 3 Day Pass. They now have been corrected, the JA, the commenter also recommended someone review the letters for grammar and English errors.  I think this is a GREAT IDEA!  If someone is interested in doing this please send me a comment and we can work something out.

5 Apr, received a couple of comments about the 2006 with and without Dependant Pay Comparison.  It is true the BAH represented in the comparison may not be the same for all people.  Each location has a different pay scale and that should be included.  I apologize for not making a point to illustrate this in the beginning.  If you are trying to remember your BAH rate check out the DoD Basic Allowance For Housing site, and adjust the numbers accordingly.  Please feel free to copy and modify this page with the numbers for your base and share it.  Next I have finished updating the Recommended Reading List with AF Chief of Staff Reading List entries. Finally, received a new Airman Below the Zone (BTZ) Promotion Calculator from the author, Gerald Malcolm.  Find it in Supervisor Tools or in the quick links above. 

28 Mar, added the 2006 With and Without Dependants Pay Comparison to Good to Know Information.  In addition added a new section under Good To Know entitled Ceremony Info.  Find retirement scripts, promotion certificates, dining in/out scripts within.  We will be building on this in the coming months.  First off an Air Force NCO Promotion Ceremony Script has been added.  In addition, added a Career Job Reservation (CJR) Calculator to Supervisor Tools.  Finally, this months newsletter may be delayed for a while.  I am currently TDY and do not have access to my mail server.

27 Mar, added a Comm-Electronics Maintainer of the Quarter, 4th 2005 and a Comm-Electronics Maintainer of the Year (05) to Award Examples.

18 Mar, added three 1st quarter 2006 Air Force Reserve Command Quarterly awards to Award Examples.

17 Mar, added a NCO Firefighter of the Year award example to Award Examples, thanks DMP!

16 Mar, added Ability To Survive and Operate (ATSO) Jeopardy to the Exam Page.  Enjoy.

15 Mar, added Course 14 Official Release to the Mentoring Moment above.  Also added the Course 14 FAQ to Good To Know FAQ.

14 Mar, Finished Example Letters for Guard and Reserve in Letter Factory, there are 31 different examples separated into 5 categories.  Enjoy.

13 Mar, Looks like I had a programming error on all of the Military News Pages it has been corrected now.  The next section of Letter Factory will most likely be Letters of Recommendation (as per user request).  They ought to appear by next week.

12 Mar, the next section of Letter Factory has started.  This one focuses on Example Letters for Guard and Reserve members.  There are approximately 30 different letters in this section.   In addition, the status of the bullet database has not changed but we are making headway.  Once the beta is completed, a newsletter will go out discussing it.   Finally I over looked a couple of the news sections in the News page. they are Army Top Stories, Military HomeFront and Joint Forces News.

11 Mar, created the Military News Page and moved the Air Force News Page under it.  There is also General Military News, American Forces Information Services, and News Releases From Department of Defense.

9 Mar, added Air Force News Page on Main Menu.  It lists the last 30 stories with snippets from around the AF.  Also added a Supply Professional Provider of the Year (Small Unit) winning airman package and NCO package to Award Examples.  (thanks bn)

8 Mar, added a First Sergeant of the Year award package to Award Examples.

7 Mar, added Air Force Links news above, plus I am working on a news page.  On a side note, I have received a comment about IMTviewer is not available for download.  This ought to be corrected now.

2 Mar, E806 statistics have been released.  Promotion rate is 8.63%m, results released 8 Mar 06.

1 Mar, Check out the Letter Factory - Letter of Appreciation Example page.  There is a total of 46 new LOAs ranging from an individual Operation Readiness Exercise (ORE) letter to Team Recognition for a Unit Compliance Inspection to Visual Graphics for great photos for AFRC. Feel free to sign up for the Newsletter, it will be sent out on either the 2nd or 3rd.  Finally added American Legion Spirit of Service Award information to Air Force Award Time Lines.  Hurry the deadline is fast approaching.

28 Feb, we are running a little ahead of schedule with the Letter Factory - Letter of Appreciation Example page.  The first couple Letters of Appreciation Examples are online now.  Check out the 19 that are now ready, ranging from AFRC - Annual Tour Training to the Hotel Staff during a TDY.  Finally added the 2004 winning AFSA First Term Airman of the Year package to Award Examples.  (Thanks YS)

27 Feb, added the Winning 2005 Large Unit Communication & Information (C&I) award package to Award Examples.  I mistakenly addressed the first 2005 Large Unit Communication & Information (C&I) award package as the winning package, but I have been corrected.  (thanks PS)

26 Feb, coming in the beginning of March, Letter of Appreciation.  Following the Letter Factory - Letter of Reprimand page, it is good to have something on the plus side!

24 Feb, finally put the 96TH AIR FORCE UNIFORM BOARD (AFUB) RESULTS in Good to Know.

21 Feb, received a very good file from Rebekah entitled, 3 Level Rules.  This is a great tool for new airmen.  Supervisors ought to provide it to their new airman, it might stop some problems before they start.  Find it above in Mentoring Moments, or in both Good to Know and Supervisor Tools.  Continuing on with the Ribbons with Blues comments, I have finally received the 95th Board results (it will be posted tonight along with the 96th results.  Yes, it nixed the some or none, but it is dated 2000.  AFI 36-2903 is dated 2002 so it takes precedence.  The page will be updated tonight concerning this.  For those of you who like to challenge management, this ought to be a good one.

20 Feb, catching up a couple of award submissions, added a winning NCO Communications and Information 3rd Quarter package and the first 2E2 Comm and Info Annual Award package to Award Examples.  Finished the Letter Factory - Letter of Reprimand page, added 63 more examples  --  a few example clusters include 8 Article 92, 3 Article 86, and 4 Article 91.

19 Feb, the LOR Examples are completed, thanks to Bruce.  It is going to take a couple of days to get them all posted.  Once it is completed there will be over 80 examples and the Letter Factory will almost have 200 examples.  You can find examples of various degrees in the Letter Factory - Letter of Reprimand.  Here is an example of those currently added Adultery - While TDY, CDCs - Disobey an Order, CDCs - Failure to Pass EOC, Cell Phone/Beeper Not Within Regulations, Chain of Command; Failed to Follow, Hair Not Within Regulations, Insufficient Funds; Bounced Check, Unauthorized use of Government Travel Card, and Unofficial use of Government Computer Assets; Porn.

17 Feb, please disregard the Ribbons with Blues page.  Looks like the 95th Uniform Board nixed this. 

16 Feb, added seven LOR examples, Assault to Dirty Quarters, to Letter Factory.  All of them are in the "new format".

15 Feb, I have temporarily pulled the 3C0 2005 Winning C&I package posted on Tuesday.  I will come back in a little bit.  In the mean time I added a 2005 winning Airman of the Year package to Award Example page (thanx CC).  Also added Moving Off-Base; Are you prepared to Good to Know and Supervisor Tools.  Finally, updated Airman Must Know Dates in Good to Know.

14 Feb, added a COCOM Division winning NCO of the Year 2005 package to Award Examples

13 Feb, received a 3C0 2005 Winning C&I package today (Thanks kg).  Find it in the Award Example page.  Finally, added the 24 Star Letter (includes cartoon) to Information - Something to Think About on  It is the one letter all of the Joint Chiefs signed blasting the Washington Post for the tasteless Cartoon.

12 Feb, there is an Incredibly GOOD Operation IRAQI Freedom Tribute slideshow to Multi-Media Slideshow Tributes on  It isn't flashy or loud, but honest, insightful and honoring.  Probably the best tribute compilation I have ever seen.  The author and submitter is a retired Army Officer and has his own website,  Finally added Referral Report Letter example to Letter Factory.

11 Feb, added three new tools, WAPSCalc, WAPSCalc; SNCO, and gMinder to Supervisor Tools.  All three programs are Freeware!!!

8 Feb, added information concerning Air Force Sergeants Association's First Term Airman of the Year.  The estimate due date is the beginning of April.  If anyone has a sample of this award (last years) please submit it.  Also added another Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) example and a Letter of Recommendation for an OA AFAM to Writing - Decorations.  While I was at it I added three additional letters to the Letter Factory: Letter of Commendation - Computer Migration, Above and beyond the call of duty - Publication of Booklet,  and Letter of Appreciation - Recognize personnel for their outstanding support.

7 Feb,  Did you know that the Good conduct medal has been discontinued...  Find out what else is going on, check out the 97TH AIR FORCE UNIFORM BOARD (AFUB) RESULTS in Good to Know.  Finally added four letters; Dislocation Allowance Advance, Dorm Resident Move Reimbursement, Mail Box Needed for Dorm Resident, and Request for BAS Approval for Honor Guard Dorm Residents to Letter Factory.

6 Feb, I have been playing with advertisers lately.  If for some reason a pop-up appears or something you find bothersome, please let me know  with either a comment or feedback.  I despise questionable advertising tactics, and i will not support them on this site.  In addition to this, added a good article from San Antonio Express-News about Ground Training in BMT.  More important, added a AFSA release concerning your Retirement Benefits, actually how the government is trying to finagle a way to triple the cost of Tricare.  Find them both in Good to Know.  Finally, added a 4th Quarter 2005 Airman package that won at the HQ level to Writing Examples.

5 Feb, added a JSCM for Retirement to Writing - Decoration Examples.  I am looking into the winning C&I package I commented about in the newsletter.  I may have been mistaken, I think it was a write up for an Outstanding Unit citation.  More to follow in the coming days.

25 Jan, just received the 2006 Guard / Reserve Fact Sheets.  For anyone in the Guard or Reserves, or thinking about joining, this is a good resource!  Find it in Good To Know.  In addition, fixed Appendix D: Commander's Quick Reference Book and Appendix E: Exex's Continuity Book of the The Executive Officer Guide.  The text was missing.  Final note, Ribbons with Blues is bringing up a lot of questions.  As of right now, there is nothing documented discrediting the AFI.  There has been word the 95th Uniform Board made it all or none, but I haven't found anything to support it.  If you have something please send it this way.

23 Jan, completed The Executive Officer Guide.  Find it in Good To Know and Supervisor Tools.  In addition, had two awards submitted by CC.  You can find both of them,  Supervisor Leo Marquez and AF NCO Maintenance Professional of the Year, in AF Writing Award Examples

20 Jan, ran across some interesting information about wearing ribbons with blues.  I was under the impression it was all, check out wearing Ribbons with Blues in Good to Know.

18 Jan, the Comment and Search Page are fixed now!  Sorry for any problems this may have caused...  I have also fixed the link to Memory Joggers for Supervisor (AB-TSgt PFW) in Supervisor Tools.  (Thanks Capt LM)  Finally added a 2004 Unit Communication & Information Unit (C&I) award example to AF Writing Award Examples.

17 Jan, the 3C0X1 Practice Tests page in the Practice Exam Section has been completed, all five volumes are now available.  There has been an update to the  LOC/LOR procedures, find them in either Good to Know or Letter Factory.  I have  been notified a number of the links though out the site are bad and the comments form isn't working again..  I am currently working on it.  Presently, I have added Acronyms to AF Writing Pages.  I have found and correct about 20 links.  one thing I have noticed is that some AF base firewalls are blocking users from access Microsoft Office files (docs and xls).  If there is a particular file you would like please let us know.  Finally, added two winning packages, 2004 C&I Team award and a 2005 Organizational (Large) C&I to AF Writing Award Examples.

16 Jan, received a FY 2004 Leo Marquez technician winning package and added it to AF Writing Award Examples.  (Thank you GV)  I also for got to thank GH for the earlier C&I packages.  We have also added 10 Airman's Manual Knowledge Tests, along with Volume 2 of 3C0X1 Practice Tests to the Practice Exam Section

14 Jan, had a bad link to the C&I airman package.  It has been removed.

13 Jan, added another 2005 NCO C&I Package plus a 4th Quarter 2005 C&I package to AF Writing Award Examples.   There have been three more awards added...  The awaited Leo Marquez Package for '05, AFR SNCO 4th quarter '05 and AFR NCO 4th quarter '05 to AF Writing Award Examples.  Have new webmaster working on packages (Thanks Bruce), there have been seven more awards added.  From C&I Unit, CGO, Annuals for all categories, and more.  We have finally broke the century mark!

12 Jan, added a new Recommended Reading, Inside the Resistance Very good book if you are going to the sandbox!

11 Jan, added a 2005 Airman C&I Package and 2005 NCO C&I Package to AF Writing Award Examples.

1 Jan, just received the AFMentor Writing Logo from Bruce.  It has been incorporated into the Main AF Writing pages.  Check it out.

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